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Spa Air Pressure Bodysuit Compares Air Compression At Home

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There's a space-like pantsuit that claims it'll deliver slimming results through lymphatic drainage massage. It is called air pressure bodysuit, one of popular slimming ways in the market.

Principle Of Air Pressure Bodysuit

It adopts microcomputer control, easy to operate, not only for the beauty salon for a special diet and detox, but also suitable for dizziness, headache, neurasthenia, high blood cholesterol, waist, leg pain due to the nervous system, blood system, digestive system and secretion disorders, as well as variety of causes constipation due to mental stress and full psychosis and menopause comprehensive, achieving prevention and health functions, which is a multi-purpose functional excellence machine, to relieve the air of human, a good health security, family, and a must-new darling.

Spa Air Pressure Bodysuit Machines

Air Pressure Massage Body Slimming Suit



1. Safe because the machine uses a 36V safe voltage.
2. The abdominal bag uses advanced ultrasonic welding technology to ensure that each airbag is tightly stitched.
3. Large-scale digital tube synchronization works in each operation mode, and the operation is simple, convenient, and the control is clear. Digital technology, time, direction, positioning, constant air to make light, heavy, fast, slow humanized selection mode.

Air Pressure Slimming Machine Body Contouring Suit



1. The 24 groups of chambers are close to the human body, achieving double efficiency in the process. Can be used locally or in whole body, for single or double use.
2. Air suits made of special materials can be more reasonable, convenient and durable.
3. Designed sophistically, this instrument conducts the bioelectricity through muscle to fat layer by electrode pads, forces the muscle to do non-oxygenic exercise.

Air Compressorns Machines At Home

Air Compression Therapy Leg Foot Massager Wrap Relaxation Massaging Health Care



Economical: The air compression leg feet wraps not only helps you save a lot of money, but also save your time. Because you can do it at home or office, so you don’t need to go to massage department.
Convenient Handheld Controller: home use electric air compression leg massager is not a complicated item, very easy to wear and operate. Control your comfort settings with the push of a button on the wired remote.
Naturally and Comfortable: The design of the air compression wraps fits naturally and comfortably around your legs.
Unforgettable Massage Experience: Provides cyclical air compression for your calves and feet, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable massage experience.

Lymph Drainage Air Compression Suit Detox Machine



1. Air suits made of special materials can be more reasonable, convenient and durable.
2. Improve the shoulders, cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.
3. Enhance cell potential membrane and improve and slow down organ aging
4. Breast massage: lobular hyperplasia surgery.
5. Eliminate constipation.

Precautions Of Using Air Pressure Body Suit

In the operation process, in addition to adjusting the air level with the intensity adjustment button, the air is adjusted according to the various parts of the body, and the tightness of each part of the airbag is appropriately adjusted to adjust the air size. The abdomen should pay attention to the abdomen, so that the inflatable part of the airbag of the abdominal airbag is located in the abdomen, and the airbag is placed down as close as possible to the abdomen position to prevent the airbag from directly pressing the heart, thereby causing discomfort to the customer. The client needs a back massage and an inflatable part at the waist. The thigh airbag should be close to the thigh to stimulate the lymph of the abdominal muscle groove.

1. The customer must remove all metal objects before operation. The air level can be adjusted and the size of the clothes can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the guests.
2. This machine is not recommended for customers with physical and uncomfortable conditions. Customers cannot use the machine for care within one hour after meal
3. After use, the power should be turned off according to the procedure, the air duct plug should be unplugged, the air duct should be unplugged, all parts of the airbag should be disassembled, not too rude, and the accessory parts should be properly kept as required. Disinfect and clean clothes and machines.

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