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Something You Should Know Before You Use Diode Lipo Laser Treatment

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Laser lipo is a new cosmetic procedure to remove the body fat, which claimed to be as effective as traditional liposuction, but without a hospital stay, and any down time.

The laser lipo suction technique uses lipo lasers to break up fat till it is out from the body, which reduces the need for harsh suction. There are two types of laser liposuction, internal and external.

External liposuction uses a laser (in the form of a pen or pad) outside the patient’s body before the surgery begins.
Internal laser liposuction uses a laser attached to the suction device or the end of a fibre-optic probe which is inserted into the area to be treated.
This time, let us talk the external liposuction treatment (with lipo laser pads).

How dose the lipo laser work?

The lipo laser body shaping procedure adopted the wavelength 635nm-650nm lipo laser that heats the fat cells in the targeted area, which can break down the fat cells. The fat will be resolved and eliminated through our body’s natural metabolic process. The heat produced via the lipo laser, can stimulate the treated skin to produce the collagen, then give you a smooth, tightened and shaped body.


Different types of lipo laser

According to the wavelength, it can be divided into 635~650nm, 830nm, 980nm and so on.
According to the power, it can be divided into 5mw for each diode laser, 10mw for each diode laser, 30mw for each diode laser, 100mw for each diode laser, 130mw, 160mw for each diode laser.

For the lipo laser with 5mw for each diode, the light is much weaker, it is better to help to keep and contain the result after the cavitation vacuum rf treatment. If you use the lipo laser machine with 5mw for each diode, it will take very long time to to see the result.
If you want to use the lipo laser machine to slim, i just recommend to choose the one whose power is higher than 100mw for each diode laser.
The following is some tests for the 5mw and 160mw diode.


What dose lipo laser treatment Cost?

Prices of laser lipo treatment will depend on the treated area. The larger the area you wish to have treated, the more expensive the liposuction will be.

It is about 200-800USD for per area, although many clinics offer discounts if more than one area requires treatment. Prices will be depended on the reputation of the clinic and surgeon carrying out the procedure and whether any hospitalization is required.

The suitable treated areas

You can use the lipo laser machine to do the treatments on back, belly, arms, legs, just like the following:


How many treatments do I need?

The lipo laser weight loss treatment results will be different for the person with different person with different age, weight, the treated area. Usually, 8-12 sessions are needed to get the best results. Sometimes, you also need to add 2-3 sessions for the particular person.
2-3 times for one week, you need to give your body the time to eliminate the fat through daily metabolism.

Any questions about lipo laser, please leave the comments or contact me directly.

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