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Something You Need To Know For The Facial High Frequency

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Now the facial care is more and more popular. Many people have skin problems such as excessive oiliness or pimples and acne. When we mentioned the acne, we will think of the Acne high-frequency machine. For this, many things about high frequency we should know before we choose the correct high-frequency devices.

How Does The Facial High-Frequency Work?

The high-frequency machines facial are working with the high-frequency electrodes whose shapes and sizes are different to suit for the different treated areas. The high-frequency electrodes will release gentle alternating electrical current, then passe through the attached glass electrodes once contacting with the skin.
As long as touched the skin, the inert gas in the electrodes will produce the healing electrical light energy and oxygen. The oxygen will convert into purifying ozone during the facial high-frequency treatment.

What Is The Difference Between The Purple Violet High Frequency And Orange High Frequency?

For the high-frequency electrodes, they have two colors. One is the violet, and the other one is orange.
The main difference between the two kinds of electrodes is the inserting gas types are different. The violet one is inserting the Argon, it was major used to treat the acne and hair. The orange one is inserting the Neon, it mainly used for aging skin, and promoting the hair follicle to produce much hair.

Features Of The Electrodes


- Mushroom electrodes for a large area on the face, such as cheeks, forehead, neck, chest, black.
- Point electrodes for the small area on the face, such as eyes around, small treated part, acne spots.
- Comb electrodes for hair and scalp.
- Spoon for cheeks, forehead, neck, scalp.

Benefits Of High Frequency

- Reduce and heal acne
- Skin tightening and lifting
- Anti-inflammatory
- Hair growth
- Shrinking the Pores
- Eye Puffiness and Dark Eye Circles fading

Any other thing you want to know, or any other information you have about the high frequency, please don't hesitate to leave comments or contact me directly, then we can discuss together.

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