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Smart 3D RF Machine VS Cavitation RF Machine

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Some friends may unfamiliar with our smart 3D RF technology. Today we will introduce it, and compare it with cavitation RF. Also, we will show you some hot sale smart 3D RF machine and cavitation RF machine.

What Is Smart 3D RF?

3D smart RF adopts art RF technology measures skin resistance automatically, no energy emit if the tips don't touch skin well. The RF energy release rate is adjustable, and makes the treatment more comfortable. The smart 3D RF has a better effect than the normal RF, and the adjustable RF energy makes it has a longer lifespan than normal RF.

What Is Cavitation RF?

Cavitation RF combines ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency two technology together. The RF can heat the fat cells, at the same time the cavitation causes the fat cells to break down. After the fat removing, the skin will become loosen, the RF will tighten the skin. So the cavitation RF will save your time when doing the treatment and it will have a better effect than single cavitation treatment or RF treatment.

The Differences Between 3D Smart RF And Cavitation RF

1. The functions are different. The smart 3D RF has an effect on skin lifting, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation. The cavitation RF is good at losing weight, body shaping, skin tightening, skin lifting, wrinkles removal.
2. The treatment areas are different. The 3D smart RF can be used on body and face, the cavitation RF mainly used on the body except for the back, we do not suggest to use the cavitation RF on the face.
3. The price is different. Usually, the cavitation RF machine is more expensive than the smart 3d RF machine.
4. The treatment feeling is different. When doing the smart 3D RF treatment you will feel the heat on treatment areas. When doing the cavitation RF treatment you will feel the heat on treatment areas and some clients might hear some noise in the ears. It is normal, the shock of fat cells cause the noise.

Here we recommend some popular smart 3D RF machine and cavitation RF machine.

Smart 3D RF Machine

1. Mini home use smart 3D RF machine, it is a popular home use RF machine. The quadrupole RF for body skin lifting tightening, the 3-polar RF for face neck eye around wrinkles removal skin rejuvenation. It is easy to carry and it is cheap, suit for the person who needs skin treatment.


2. 360 degree smart 3D rotating RF, the RF heads can rotate 1080 Rotation per hour. The unique massage therapy with automatic rotating-head function maximizing the penetration of RF energy in the treatment. Easy to achieve the goal of skin tightening and wrinkles removal.


Cavitation RF Machine

1. Pink yellow blue cavitation RF machine, it is a multifunctional salon beauty machine. There are 40k cavitation for body fat loss, smart 3d RF for face body skin tightening lifting, and vacuum RF massage the body. Combine all the functions to use, get a better result for slimming and shaping.


2. Mini S Shape cavitation&RF machine, you can do the cavitation and RF treatment together. It will save your time, do body massage slimming and skin tightening treatment at the same time. The new design is welcomed in the market, and the significant effect will help you to win more clients.


If you want a machine for only skin tightening or wrinkles removal, the smart 3D RF will be your good choice. If you want a multifunctional machine not only for skin rejuvenation but also for weight loss, the cavitation RF will be better. The beauty salons spas and clinics always choose the cavitation RF machine to meet more customers needs.

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