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Smart 3D RF Machine VS Cavitation Machine

  • Author: Jacko ZouDate:07-03-2019

There are so many body slimming treatments and options today that people find it gets confused. Many people know about cavitation machine for fat removal, and don’t know radio frequency machine also has the slimming function, especially smart 3D RF machine. What? Isn’t radio frequency used to tighten skin? But the application of radio frequency machine is far more than the ones you know. Let’s take a look at them and see how they compare.


What Is Smart 3D RF Machine?

At first, let’s talk about radio frequency machine. Radio frequency machine is a beauty and cosmetic device that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat up the deepest dermis layer, stimulate the production of more skin collagen, accelerate the metabolism of the body, not only for skin tightening but also for cellulite reduction and body shaping, which works by expanding fat cells and releasing the waste.


To improve the stability and safety of radio frequency, Smart 3D RF Machine is launched. Under the working condition, normal RF machine will output energy whatever it touches skin or not. However, the smart 3D RF machine only does not work until the RF probe touches the skin. The energy will output from low to high adjusted automatically depending on the skin's temperature. It is more safely and effectively than normal RF machine.

What Is Cavitation Machine?

The cavitation machine is widely used for fat removal and body contouring, the ultrasonic cavitation uses a high-frequency sound wave to explode the subcutaneous fat cells, transformed into free fatty acids and glycerol, to get the effect of fat reduction. Except for the traditional cavitation. Currently, there is the latest technology called “Unoisetion Ultrasonic Cavitation” seems more popular on the market.


The Advantages Of Smart 3D RF Machine

1. Accurate slimming
Smart 3D RF machine can target the fat group of 6 cm under the skin, which ensures the accuracy of the fat-soluble layer.

2. Safety & painless
Smart 3D RF radio frequency uses a ring electrode technology to make sure that the radio waves are distributed very evenly, mainly for the subcutaneous fat layer, which will not cause skin damage. In addition, it will adjust the frequency from low from high according to the skin temperature. It is very safe and comfortable during the procedure.

3. No rebound
Smart 3D RF machine aimed at reducing fat, while not moisture. Due to the number of fat cells is certain, so it is not easy to rebound.

4. Improved skin quality
Radio frequency energy could heat up the dermis layer, promote the regeneration of collagen, thus tightening skin and make your skin elastic.

5. Long effect
The new collagen will be continuously produced after treatment, the skin quality will also be improved every day, so the optimal result will last about 4-6 months.

What Do These Machines Can Do?

Smart 3D RF Machine Can Do
1. Cellulite treatment and body contouring.
2. Tighten loose skin and shrink pores.
3. Remove true and false wrinkles and smooth out the wrinkles.
4. Improve eye bags and remove dark circles.
5. Improve the dark complexion and whiten skin.
6. Tighten double chin and neck wrinkles.

Cavitation Machine Can Do
1. Reduce the target deep fat in your body naturally.
2. Body slimming and sculpting.
3. Shape your face and cellulite removal.

What Is The Treatment Area Of These Machines?

The Treatment Area For Smart 3D RF Machine
Smart 3D RF machine is widely used for the face, cheek, chin, the eye’s around, the mouth’s around, forehead, which makes the skin tightening and firming. Also used on the body area, like belly, thigh, leg, arm for cellulite removal.

The Treatment Area For Cavitation Machine
Ultrasonic cavitation machine is commonly used on abdomen, waist, arm, buttock, thigh, legs, breast but cannot do the back.

Smart 3D Radio Frequency & Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines Recommended

Even though smart 3D radio frequency machine has a good effect on fat reduction and cellulite removal, it focuses on skin tightening and improving the skin quality more. Ultrasonic cavitation machine is good at weight loss and body contouring. They represent two different technique, which can work together or separately. Here are several machines worthy recommended.

1. Cavitation 40K Vacuum Smart 3D RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming Facia Care Beauty Salon Machine


2. Professional SPA Cavitation Ultrasonic Fat Removal Smart 3D Radio Frequency Face Lifting LED Laser Slimming Equipment


3. 5 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Vacuum Therapy For Cellulite Removal


Who Does Not Suggested To Do The Treatment With Smart 3D RF Machine And Cavitation Machine?

- High-risk group and heart disease.
- Women with pregnancy, menstruation, and lactation.
- Those who the surgical wound heals less than 12 months.
- Those who are allergic to extreme cold and heat irritation.
- Patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases.
- Those who install a pacemaker in the body or a metal implant in the body.
- Patients with severe cardiopulmonary liver and kidney dysfunction.
- Patients with epilepsy, mental illness, severe diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
- Patients with malignant tumors and patients with hemophilia or severe bleeding.
- Increased intracranial pressure, arterial obstructive disease, glaucoma, inflammatory acne patients.


1. Is smart 3D RF machine safe?
Doing the treatment with smart 3D radio frequency machine is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for facial skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, or body contouring, and it is safe and comfortable during the process.

2. What does RF do to your face and body?
Radio frequency (RF) energy can heat the dermis layer and stimulate the production of more new collagen in order to reduce fine lines and improve loose skin on your face. Besides, RF can also be used for fat reduction because of accelerating the metabolism of the body.

3. How long does radio frequency treatment last?
Typically, the result of radio frequency treatments will last for 5 to 6 months. The new collagen will be continuously produced and the skin quality improved after radio frequency treatments. If along with ongoing treatment, the effect will be more long-lasting.

4. Does cavitation machine really work?
Cavitation machine uses a high-frequency sound wave to break up the fat tissue, transform your fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol, which naturally discharged through the metabolism of the body, and finally, it could achieve the permanent removal of fat.

5. How often should you do radio frequency skin tightening and ultrasonic cavitation slimming treatment?
Radio frequency skin tightening, 6-10 sessions, 3 days apart for the first-course treatment, then once per week.

Ultrasonic cavitation slimming, 6-10 sessions, 2-3 times each session, 3 days apart for the first 3 sessions, then once a week.

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