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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment-RF Radio Frequency Facial

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment-RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio-frequency Skin Tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.The process provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.


The Development of RF Radio Frequency

RF radio frequency is a non-operative technique for the treatment of early signs of flaccid or loose and sagging skin. It is the best choice for those people who don’t want to have surgery or consider they are not suitable to do it now. Nowadays, single RF is mainly applied to treat skin slack by skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. What’s more, it is particularly fit patients who have severe or kind of facial loose and sagging with the face tissue. And it is usually on the so-called 30s (even 25s nowadays) to 55s for any skin types and skin color. Where does RF treat? Generally, RF can treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, middle face, jaw and neck. But it varies from the size of the probe of RF. With the development of RF tech, there are lots of people can see the good result from RF treatment with minimal risks and downtime. And it is painless compared with surgery.

Nevertheless, there is another brand new tech which is a supplement of the energy to effectively treat aging faces. With the introduction of cryogenic tech, it is achievable to transmit RF energy to a deeper skin while preventing any hurt to other tissue and the outer layers of the skin. The increasing heat in this area can result in the microscopic changes in the tissue and the contracting of collagen which will have the result of body shaping and skin tightening.


What Is RF (Radio Frequency)?

Radio frequency (RF) is the oscillation rate of an alternating electric current or voltage or of a magnetic, electric or electromagnetic field or mechanical system in the frequency range from around twenty thousand times per second (20 kHz) to around three hundred billion times per second (300 GHz). This is roughly between the upper limit of audio frequencies and the lower limit of infrared frequencies; these are the frequencies at which energy from an oscillating current can radiate off a conductor into space as radio waves. Different sources specify different upper and lower bounds for the frequency range.


Types of Radio Frequency

Monopolar RF or Unipolar
It refers to a handle or device which has one pole or electrode. Only a single electrode (handpiece) head releases energy. One pole is used as the working electrode, and the other larger electrode is placed far away from the working electrode. As the circuit electrode, the radio frequency electrode of the single pole has a very high concentration of energy on the surface. Here are the character of Monopolar:

1. The positive and negative poles are not at the same interface.
2. Uncontrollable penetration depth (deep treatment)
3. The effective depth of treatment is 10-15MM.
4. Subcutaneous temperature can reach 68-72 degrees.
5. Wider scope of treatment

Bipolar technology works. Current flows only through a short distance between the two electrodes. It distributes and diffuses between the positive and negative electrodes. There is no need for loop electrodes. Compared with unipolar radio frequency, multipolar radio frequency has the advantage that the current distribution is easy to control. The energy provided can also act on the dermis, but the depth is shallow, so it has a strong ability to control the current distribution. Controllability improves the safety while guaranteeing the therapeutic effect.

Here are the character of Biopolar
1. Positive and negative poles at the same interface
2. The penetration depth is half of the distance between the two electrodes (medium treatment)
3. The effective depth of treatment is 2-4MM
4. Subcutaneous temperature can reach above 60 degrees
5. It can use the ability of both positive and negative poles to act on the skin at the same time, and locate the heating of a part of the tissue, penetrate the epidermis directly to the dermis, which has a good effect on the repair of skin
6. The treatment range is more uniform, the temperature can be controlled, and some of them have temperature sensing technology to avoid damaging the skin


What Exactly RF Radio Frequency Can Do?

Separate pure RF energy is mainly used to treat skin sagging through facial firming. It is best for patients with mild to moderate sagging facial tissue, usually any skin color from around 30 to 50 years old.
It is usually used to treat the forehead (lifting the eyebrows and tightening the forehead skin), under the eyes (to make the skin thicker, tighten and lift the upper cheek skin), cheeks (slightly raised and narrowed pores), middle, lower jaw Line (reducing the sag and sagging of the chin and lower jaw, as well as the neck (tightening the skin, reducing neck wrinkles).

Whereas, if there is a large amount of sagging, excess or loose skin, often seen in elderly people over the age of 60, this process may not have a tremendous enhancement, and may suggest a traditional mid-surface, face or eyebrow lift surgery to remove redundant skin, so getting better results.

In combination with other approaches, as noted above, RF can be used to enhance a variety of treatments including hair removal, photorejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular problems, acne treatment and cellulite treatment.

Given this, RF can intensify any of the treatment like hair removal, pigmentation, vascular problems, cellulite reduction and such.

Any Suggestion Before RF Radio FrequencyTreatment?

Before RF treatment, there are something you need to prepare. Like other beauty machine which need a must do before treatment. Please prevent to do anything irritating your skin like sunbathing. For instance, there is no way for the one who has sun burn to do RF treatment. Because it is easier for them to get pain or hurt from RF treatment. And their skin are sensitive.
There are lots of ladies find it sensitive when they are before or on menstrual cycle. So if you are female, please manage you schedule and prevent doing treatment on period.


What Happens When Doing RF Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation?

Before Operation
Before treatment, it is extremely vital to think about what result do you want from RF treatment. Also, you have to make sure this treatment can obtain the result of what you want. But, I think the practitioner can answer your question.
Moreover, you should check if there is any medical history on your record so as to make sure you can do the treatment.

You may need to wash your face with soap and warm water before treatment to remove any cosmetic and skin oil that may interfere with RF treatment applications.You can apply gel to transfer to your face to help navigate your face while providing RF energy; helping to ensure even application of RF and preventing inadvertent Overlapping treatment.
Also, depending on the device you are using, you can install a self-adhesive return pad that is used once and connect it to your stomach or back to the ground; typically a monopolar device is used. You can then apply a coupling gel to your face as an additional barrier between the skin's surface. And then begin RF treatment. When finished, apply a soothing gel or lotion to your skin.

Is There Any Side Effects Or Risks?

When RF energy is delivered to your skin and underlying tissue, you will be treated and you will experience a brief deep heating experience. The device can have built-in low temperature capability where the handle is cooled or cooled before, during and after the RF burst to protect your skin from heat and make the treatment more comfortable.

It is difficult to quantify the degree of pain or discomfort of a treatment because pain tolerance and thresholds vary from person to person. It also depends on the device used and the power Settings of the treatment. But with the development of beauty machine, there is little risk and side effect after RF treatment.


Who Can Do RF Treatment?

Theoretically, anyone can have this machine and make yourself better. And these people are tend to have this machine
1. People who don't have serious skin problems, have small lines or slightly flabby skin, and want to improve their skin condition, but don't expect too much from using the RF beauty appliance
2. Not too lazy and can stick to daily skin care. If the usual even basic care is too lazy to do, then the use of home radio frequency beauty instrument can not adhere to, buy back unused.
3. People who have done RF medical aesthetics project in the hospital and want to extend the maintenance effect

Who Can Not Do RF Treatment?

1. Pregnancy or lactation
2. Patients implanted with electronic devices such as pacemakers
3. There are injuries and inflammation at the treatment site
4. Facial fillers
5. Severe heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism.

What Is The Cost of RF Treatment And A Home-Use RF Machine?


The price of RF treatment depends on the area being treated, ranging from around USD1,800 to USD24,000 for the forehead and eye area, USD3000 for the chin and neck area, to USD3600 to USD4250 for full facial treatment.
Other devices that use combination therapy (such as laser + RF) or Accent™ bipolar RF machines often cost less -- however, these devices often require multiple treatments and may not be as effective.

Before And After Photos of RF Treatment



All in all, there are still lots of function of RF treatment which can be used in other area not just on beauty line. And I believe RF tech will be wildly used at home and spa & salon house. Besides, As an beauty machine salesperson, there are some tech can be accompanied with RF which can lead to better result on skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and so on. You can check on my beauty blog on Mychway.com and see another introduction of RF and technologies.

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