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Skin Rejuvenation: Microdermabrasion Machine Treatment

  • Author: Cathy QiuDate:11-04-2021

What Is The Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a beauty technology which uses fine, sand-like silicon oxide crystals that are sprayed at high speed on the surface of the skin under vacuum, and then sucked back by another tube. Its mechanism of operation is to remove the dead skin cells of the surface layer, improving the skin's regenerative ability and skin quality. At the same time, it will improve the cell tissue and effectively reduce fine wrinkles and smooth some scars. After these scars and aging skin are removed, the treatment area will re-expose the new skin. Because it is not chemically rejuvenated, it will not irritate the skin at all. Therefore, it is welcomed by beauty lovers and beauty salons.

What Are The Functions Of Microdermabrasion?

1. Conditioning, Improving dullness, roughness, and uneven skin tone.
2. Improving relaxation and ages skin.
3. Accelerating melanin elimination, diluting spots (sunburn spots, age spots, and other superficial pigment spots), and lightening dark circles.
4. Removing pores, treatment pores, acne, oily skin.
5. Treating acne scars and pits.
Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. It produces subtle changes that do not cause skin color changes or scarring. It is not effective for serious problems such as scars, stretch marks, wrinkles or deep acne scars.


Where can the microdermabrasion be operated?

Generally speaking, Microdermabrasion is suitable for facial treatment. Due to the skin around the eyes and the skin around the lips are more delicate than the other skin on the face and the microdermabrasion is a sanding head, which Treated person will feel rough when it comes into contact with the skin, it is generally not recommended for treating the skin around the eyes and lips.
Some people will ask, can I use it on my body? My answer is yes, but I still don't recommend it. Because microdermabrasion is a process of honing the skin and it is easy to infect the skin when the tips closely contact with the skin if there are many bacteria on the tips. If you use on the body, it may bring more bacteria. Finally, this may also bring an unpleasant feeling of use.

Is The Microdermabrasion Process Painful? Need Anesthesia?

Microdermabrasion only need to be conducted in the clinic and does not need local anesthesia. During the implementation, the eyes should be properly covered to prevent crystals from entering the eyes. Because microdermabrasion is very slow and gentle to the nerve endings of the skin during the treatment period of microdermabrasion. Therefore, there is only a slight burning sensation in the grinding area, and no anesthesia is required during operation.


What Is The Postoperative Condition Of Microdermabrasion?

After the microdermabrasion, the skin does not have any irritation or redness, but the skin is pale pink. Generally, there is only a little dry and tight feeling. You just apply B5 high moisturizing essence or use a high moisturizing mask. After it, you will better for the skin. For the next two to three days, you need to avoid using high stimulating acid skincare products and you need to use a sunscreen lotion to avoid exposure to sunlight excessively.

How Many Times Does Microdermabrasion Surgery Need To Be Done?

In order to achieve the best results, you may need to repeat this treatment. It is usually about one time every week, 15-30 minutes each time. Generally speaking, there will be a great improvement in four to eight times. Of course, different people have different skin quality with different skin problems. So, The number of treatment varies from person to person, and the depth of the microdermabrasion required also is d different.

Does Microdermabrasion Have Side Effects? Will There Be Complications?

Microdermabrasion is non-chemically rejuvenated, so it is very safe and has no side effects. If you want to improve your skin and worry that other beauty techniques will have side effects,you can choose this with confidence.

How much does it cost to do microdermabrasion?

At present, beauty salons charge about 295-445 USD dollars when you do microdermabrasion. In order to achieve the best effects, you need to repeat this treatment during a long period. The treatment times you need to do is quite different according to the skin problem and skin quality. Therefore, the amount of money that every person has to spend is not a fixed number. And the cost of doing a course of microdermabrasion treatment is already very high, which is more difficult for ordinary office workers to consume. So if you want to achieve good results through microdermabrasion, it is better to buy a beauty machine with microdermabrasion. This is more cost-effective.


In this article, I mainly share some knowledge about microdermabrasion, and I believe that the problems mentioned are all of your interest. I hope that when you read this, you can understand what you want to know.

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