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Should I wash my face after face mask?

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For the mask, I believe that women who often care for their skin are no strangers. Applying a mask can add a lot of moisture to the skin, making the skin more supple. And there is no side effect when applying the mask, and there is no harm to the skin. However, they often to into some small mistakes when applying the mask, just like makeup. Most women don't understand. So often apply masks indiscriminately.

For example, After applying the mask, do you need to wash your face? many people will think that after applying mask, there is no need to wash, you can absorb the remaining nutrients stuck to your face. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. Let's take a look at it. What will happen if you don't wash your face after applying the mask?

Wash off the excess essence on your face

After applying the mask, there will be a lot of essence on the face. Many people think that these essences can be absorbed into the skin without washing them off. In fact, your skin has absorbed a lot. These extra nutrients no way to absorb into it. If these nutrient solutions are not washed off, they will remain on the surface of the skin, that it is not good for the skin. So you must wash your face after applying the mask and wash off the excess nutrients.

Have an impact on subsequent skin care

After applying the mask, don't think that your skin has absorbed enough nutrients. You don't use skin care products. This idea that is wrong. If you don't wash your face after applying the mask, it will have a big impact on skin care. Is your skin care cream falling directly on your skin? So after applying the mask, after washing your face, apply your usual water lotion. This is the basic skin care step.

Avoid skin overnutrition, growth fat granule

If you don't wash your face after applying the mask in your daily life, your skin will have excess nutrients and grow some fat particles. In particular, it affects the hydration state of the skin. It is easy to make the skin acne and spots appear. Growth all sorts of small fat granules. So, the right way for skin care does let it absorb nutrients moderate and be sure to wash your face after applying the mask.

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