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Risks to heath when use unqualified skin care cosmetics which mercury-containing!

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Many women in the body of mercury are exceeding the standard, just because the symptoms are relatively mild, and the lack of understanding, did not go to the hospital in time." Recently, medical experts pointed out that one of the main causes of excessive mercury in women is long-time use unqualified cosmetics.

If mercury in cosmetics exceeds the standard and is used for a long time, it can lead to chronic mercury poisoning.

According to experts, 80% to 90% of patients with mercury poisoning in cosmetics have mild symptoms, mainly symptoms such as neurasthenia, dizziness, headache, insomnia, memory loss, and some people will become irritable. A small number of patients have severe symptoms, mainly kidney damage, protein in the urine, known as nephrotic syndrome.

In addition, there are very few patients with a certain level of mercury in their body, there will be obvious limb pain, such as leg pain, body muscle soreness.

Who use of whitening and freckle cosmetics for a long time has a higher probability of exceeding mercury in the body. From a clinical point of view, most women who have detected excessive mercury have experience in using whitening and freckle products.。。

why cosmetics contain mercury? According to experts, medical research has shown that mercury can actually whiten the skin. This effect is not a covering effect, but it can reduce melanin production in the skin to achieve skin whitening.

Mercury can be contained in cosmetics, but it is strictly limited. And there are laws and regulations that clearly specify the content. The very small amount of mercury contained in qualified cosmetics is caused by the non-vacuum in the production environment, which is inevitably caused by mercury pollution in the air, it exists objectively and has no effect on the human body.

Some exposed unqualified cosmetics can be determined to be artificially added as long as they detect excessive levels of mercury, which is strictly prohibited by laws and regulations. Long-term use of such cosmetics can cause chronic mercury poisoning.

Since the tribute is so common in cosmetics, the impact on the human body is so great. How should we identify whether mercury is contained in cosmetics? Of course, we can't see with the naked eye. So we may wish to learn quickly and try to stay away from cosmetics containing mercury to prevent damage to their health.

How to test cosmetics for mercury? Four methods as below.

use silver ring and gold jewelry

Apply the makeup to the back of the hand and slide it with the jewelry. If black appears, it indicates leaded mercury.

use a coin

In order to test the effect, it is best to use new ones; if it has already been used, please wipe it clean. Apply a little cosmetic to the white paper, wait for a while, wait for it to penetrate on the paper, and use coin sliding back and forth, If there is no change, you can preliminarily indicate that there is no mercury. If show black indicates leaded mercury, the darker the color, the higher the lead and mercury content!

use water

Why use water? Because we wash our face with water every day, the molecules of water and the molecules of the skin are close to each other, so any substance that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin. Put the appropriate amount of foundation or lotion that you usually use into the water and observe the reaction. Generally, three things will happen: stick to the side of the cup, float on the water and sink to the bottom of the cup. Sticking to the side of the cup means that the cosmetics contain animal oil! Floating on the surface means mineral oil! Sinking at the bottom of the cup means that the cosmetics contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Go to professional testing agency

If you want to be completely assured, go to the inspection agency designated by the Ministry of Health for testing. This is the most reliable way.

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