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Remedies for Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

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What Causes Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles Under Eyes?

The first thing you must know is that your bags under the eyes and dark circles are not formed in two days, and may be caused by long-term overuse of the eyes and other factors.
Because the skin around our eyes is very thin, the swelling and discoloration of the eyes are very noticeable. The swelling of the eyes is caused by the accumulation of excessive liquid in the skin tissue around the eyes.


Puffy eyes and dark circles generally result from a variety of factors, including:

1. Staying up late
Are you sleeping at two in the morning? Are u still holding the phone and constantly brushing the news and playing the game till the morning?
The expensive eye cream can't save your eyes! Staying up late leads to excessive use of the eyes, lack of sleep, long time like this will have a dark circle.

2. Allergy
Puffy eyes are a common symptom in the allergic season. Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling of the eyes,it is frequently associated with itchy, watery eyes, which you might be attempted to scratch. Try to resist, otherwise you risk irritating your eyes further and making them appear even puffier.

3.Sensitive skin
Harsh chemicals, such as drying agents and citrus extracts,they can be particularly brutal on the eye area since the epidermis in this reason is so thin. When the skin is aggravated, it may become inflamed and appear puffy. If your blood capillaries leak, blood cells can accumulate under the eye.

Time causes damage to our skin, whether it is by chronological aging or by the sun's photoaging. As we mature, we will retain more fluid, causing swelling of the eyes. Sun damage is one of the main causes of skin problems, from wrinkles to dark spots and uneven texture. This may be the reason you are trying to get rid of the crow's feet, or it may be a surprising explanation of the puffy eyes.

Unfortunately, some people are genetically given extra fat pads under the eyes. If you often face a puffy eye, the bags under the eyes may be part of your genetic makeup. Puffy eyes may indicate slow thyroid gland, so consider checking for hypothyroidism.

6.Bad eating habits
Diet also plays a part in fluid retention, so be mindful of foods high in sodium that can lead to bloating or dehydration.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes?


Nobody likes waking up to puffy eyes and unwanted dark circles. Even people with flawless skin face problems of puffy eyes and dark circles and resorting to concealers or foundations is not a permanent solution.
Here are a few ways to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles:

Simple daily remedies 
1.Get extra and enough sleep.
This is the basic and necessary first step!
Catching up on sleep can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to appear pale, making the dark circles more obvious. Allow yourself seven to eight hours of rest to prevent dark circles from appearing.

2.Sleep with head elevated
Sleeping with your head at an elevated level prevents build-up of excess fluid in the eye. Elevate your head with a few pillows to prevent fluid from pooling under your eyes which can make them look puffy and swollen.
3.To keep a good eating habit
Reduce salt in your diet,Eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, to remove excess fluid from the body

Natural Remedies 
For years, cucumbers have been used as effective remedy for eyes. The antioxidants and flavonoids in cucumber help in reducing redness, swelling and irritation. You can place a slice of cucumber on each eye and let it stay for 30 minutes. Feel nice and refreshed afterwards!


2.Green or black tea
Green and black teas contain caffeine which constrict tiny blood vessels in the skin around the eyes. They also help in stimulating blood circulation. Place two tea bags in a mug of hot water. Let them come to room temperature and place on eyes for 15-30 minutes. Repeat twice a week. This will help tighten the skin under the eyes and will also provide soothing benefits.

3.Egg whites
Applying egg whites under the skin helps in tightening the skin under the eyes. You can apply with a brush or your fingers under the eye and let it sit for around 15 minutes. Rinse gently. This also helps in reducing inflammation and stimulating circulation.

Tool Remedies 

1. With eye care products
Frequent use of eye cream has been used to relieve eye skin aging, and can be selected according to customer reviews.
In addition, concealer can be used to cover dark circles, which is of course an emergency and short-term method.

2.Try microneedling
Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. Proponents say it reduces wrinkles, scarring, and even pigment issues, like dark circles and under-eye bags.
The procedure involves fine needles that are used to puncture the skin. This creates a controlled injury of sorts that, in turn, rejuvenates the skin being treated.
This procedure isn’t for those who want instant gratification. It’s usually performed over the course of six sessions spaced a month or so apart. Microneedling costs less than more traditional laser procedures.


3.Use wrinkle removing eye patches

In the field of anti-aging, RF is one of your most worthwhile applications in addition to smearing. It can solve many skin problems in the eyes and face, can lift the face, skin care around the eyes, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming skin and so on.


This Mili RF Eye Patch & Facial Machine is small, easy to carry, easy to operate, and requires no professional training, so you can take it with you at any time! It is also suitable for any skin characteristics and can help your face lift, wrinkle, anti-aging and firm skin.It also has a long service life, stable performance and long working hours.


For many people, dark circles are temporary and are often an indication of aging or lack of sleep. Though there are a number of at-home and medical treatments available to improve the appearance of your eyes, dark circles are typically no cause for alarm. Hope this blog will great help u to get rid of your problem of putty eyes and dark circles under your eyes.

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