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Radio Frequency Photon Light Therapy for Face Lifting MS-54D1

  • Author: Erin LiuDate:06-13-2019

Today, i wanna share with you the second part of my first time to operate the treatment by ultrasonic cavitation RF machine MS-54D1. After the body weight loss treatment, we start to do face lifting.

Before Treatment

This machine come with 2 radio frequency heads can operate for face, forehead, eyes around, neck. Firstly, i use the Quadrupolar RF radio frequency. I apply some clear water on the cotton to wet treatment area, then put some clear product on facial, wash face by circulation, and removal the bobble by cotton, i tried to keep the whole process within 3 minutes and wash the face with clean water. As reported, within 3 minutes is the best way to clean facial and without hurt the cuticle.

Treatment Operate

Then applied some radio frequency gel on the check, set up the energy for 3, i choose the mode B, only when touch treatment area fully, the light will turn on and the rf handle warm up, operate the head on face from chin to ear, move slowly, and operate for about 8 minutes to do both side of check, the face getting red and hot. I changed the tripolar RF to do forehead, also set up for energy 3 and choose mode B, but we met a problem now, cos the light on sometimes then turn off, i thought the handle have problem, but when i operate on the face or hand, the head keeps light on. Later my instructor told me that the forehead skin is not soft cos there have many born, so the head will not connect with the skin well although you saw it was fully at your side. Omg, that is it! Then i reset the RF working mode for A, this one the rf will warm up directly and keep light on,operate it from eyebrow to hair skin.After the forehead, i also do treatment for eyes around, this treatment area, i will move like “8” from below to up, my another head pull the skin during treatment, this can get better result for lifting up. The treatment last about 6 minutes for forehead and eyes around.

The patient told me that he feel the face hot and a little stabbing pain after the complete treatment But this is normal, cos the radio frequency therapy will warm up for 60~70 degree, active cells, and promote collagen, so at the beginning after treatment, will feel heat and a little pain. But do not recommend to use cooling water to wash facial after Radio frequency therapy, you should wait after skin cooling down, and better to use moisturize mask before daily skin care.

After Treatment

The face was getting tightening, and looks firming,and the cheeks look a little smaller, he told me he felt the face smoother, lifting, especially the forehead wrinkles, but the best result will be saw after 10 treatments.


If you did the radio frequency treatment before ? how do you think of the result by it ?

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