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Radio Frequency Machine vs Lipo Laser Machine

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Which One Is More Better? Radio Frequency Machine and Lipo Laser Machine

Radio frequency machine and lipo laser machine are both good treatment for shaping body and face, Neither technology is “better” or “worse” than others, because they represent different treatment technology. If deciding which one is better for you, you have to try it and get the factual results according to your needs. Next, we will discuss the difference between machines with two different techniques.


What Is Radio Frequency Machine?

A radio frequency machine is a beauty machine that uses radio waves technology to penetrate the surface of the skin and relies on heating the skin tissue to produce more collagen, which will improve your skin structure to reduce wrinkle and improve loose skin. And these radio frequency machine is usually used for skin tightening, and face lifting.


What Is Lipo Laser Machine?

A lipo laser machine is an unique machine that through the energy from a highly sensitive laser to breaks up the unwanted fat cells. After the fat cell dissolves, it will produce an oily material, which will be discharged by the metabolism of the body to get the effect of fat loss. The lipo laser machine is used for body sculpting and partial fat reduction.


What Is The Treatment Area?

The treatment area for radio frequency machine
The radio frequency machine is usually used on the face, neck, cheek, chin, eye around, mouth around, forehead and chest, which can tighten your skin and anti-aging.

The treatment area for lipo laser machine
Typically, the lipo laser machine is used for belly, thigh, arm, back, butt, waist, and leg. And it will help you shape body and reduce fat.

How Long Does Each Treatment Procedure Take?

Duration of radio frequency procedure
On average, radio frequency treatment will take 20 to 30 minutes per area, Maybe it lasts a little longer depending on the area receiving the treatment.

Duration of lipo laser machine procedure
Lipo laser machine take above 30 minutes per area, and your body will process out the dead fat cells for two to four months after your treatment.

How Long Does It Take To See The Result?

Radio frequency results
If you opt for radio frequency machine, you need to wait a little longer to start seeing changes. Initial result can be visible one weeks, and if want to see the best results, it may take from one to three months.

Lipo laser results
If you choose the lipo laser machine, you will see the results for fat reduction almost immediately, until any bruising or swelling has gone down, the results will more obvious.

Before & After

Radio frequency before and after


Lipo laser before and after


Who Can Be Candidate

RF Radio frequency treatment candidates
In general, radio frequency machine is used for people whose skin begins to appear loose, and sag. If you want to remove wrinkle, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and so on, you should be an idea candidate for radio frequency treatment. Obviously, some individuals cannot do this treatment procedure if they belong to:
- Pregnancy period, lactation period
- The surgical wound is healing or recovering from surgery
- Patients with severe gynecological diseases
- The population during which gynecological diseases are being treated
- Patients with heart disease or other diseases

Lipo laser treatment candidates
People who want to do lipo laser treatment should be healthy, not excessive obesity. And if you have excessive body weight, this treatment is probably suitable for you. The lipo laser procedure aim at removing a small area of excess fat in a healthy person. Don’t do lipo laser treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or you have had surgery recently, or you have:
- Cancer
- Heart disease or other heart conditions
- Liver disease or other conditions
- Severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism
- Malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding
- Skin diseases and infectious diseases


1. How does radiofrequency work and what effect it has?
Radiofrequency converts electric energy into heat energy to go into a deeper skin layer and heat up the dermis layer, which speeds up blood circulation, stimulate the regeneration of collagen. In this process, you will feel the mild heat in the skin, finally, reach the result of improving fine lines, wrinkles, tightening skin and smoothing skin.

2. How does lipo laser work and what effect it has?
Lipo laser uses the energy from a highly sensitive laser to heat the fat cells in the specific area causing them to break down. In a short time, the fat deposits are simply absorbed and expelled through our body’s natural metabolic process. Through this procedure, a small area of excess fat in the targeted area can be removed, to get the purpose of the body Shaping.

3. Is Lipo Laser Safe?
Yes, lipo laser treatments are completely non-invasive, and cliehttps://manager.mychway.com/public/upload/blogs/content/73/how-lipo-laser-machine-work.jpgnts feel nothing.

4. How long does radio frequency treatment last?
After the radio frequency machine works on your skin, more new collagen will produce, the result of this treatment will last for six months at least. Of course, through continuous treatment, the result is also more long-lasting.

5. What is the recovery time for lipo laser treatment?
In most cases, recovery is very fast generally. people will return to work normally within about one week.

6. Does radio frequency can be used for wrinkle removal?
Yes, indeed. Except for removal wrinkle, it can also be used for skin tightening, face lifting and improve fine lines.

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