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Non-needle mesotherapy for skin care

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Non-needle Mesotherapy is a treatment which is designed to stimulate the middle layers of the skin. With the development of technology, nowadays we can carry out this treatment effectively without using needles.

Non-needle Mesotherapy is a new version of mesotherapy that uses ultrasound to propel the skin instead of the needle. Ultrasound is an acoustic vibration whose frequency exceeds our ability to hear a sound. The therapy delivers a mixture of active ingredients to the skin without affecting the outer layer of the skin. It is suitable for needle-shaped mesotherapy under various conditions.


We often get distressed by our dry skin, large pores and wrinkles.Many people choose to do Non-needle Mesotherapy facials because it works very well. After completing the facial treatment, you can recover immediately and be able to live normally.


Freckle removal and skin whitening: open cell channels without wounds, consuming nutrients, participating in cells

Metabolism promotes cell regeneration.

Fancy wrinkle removal: electrode nutrition directly penetrates deep skin and initiates cell regeneration.

Remove deep skin wrinkles.

Anti-acne: Inject the acne fraction into the focus through an electric nutrient conveyor belt.

Clear or inhibit acne regeneration and avoid wound infection.

Moisturizing and hydrating: Active fractions injected into the water enter deep skin and are supplied adequately.

Replenish cells to prevent a series of skin problems caused by water shortage.


If you want more perfect skin, be sure to choose Non-needle Mesotherapy!

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