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My experience for the 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal

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With the development of the society, there are now so many home and salon hair removal treatments on the market, such as 808nm diode laser, IPL, E-light, waxing hair removal and so on. Which one is the best reliable and permanent? One friend recommended me to try the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine. Then i tried the 808nm dido laser treatment on my leg, let me share it with you.

Before the treatment:

The first , also the most step is to do the test treatment on small area.
The operator just did the test on my wrist. She asked me to wear the glasses, then help to clean the treated area, then shaved the hair on my wrist. She just moved the probe two times on my wrist, then observed 15 min.

During the treatment:

After the 15 min testing on my wrist, then the operate started to do the treatment on the leg. Clean the treated area, and shave the hair on the leg. Then adjusted suitable the energy and frequency for me according the color of the hair and the position of the hair.
I just took several picture for the machine setting:


The machine has two models intelligent mode and expert mode. The intelligent mode is for the person who are not professional. There are recommended data for each skin types. For the expert model, it is the professional person, you can adjust the energy, pulse width, temperature and frequency according the detailed condition of the patient.

Is the 808nm Diode Laser hair removal treatment painful?

No, it is painless and safe.
I never had the treatment for 808nm Diode Laser hair removal on leg, i was a little nervous, i am afraid of pain. The operator told me the diode laser hair removal 808nm is cold painless . She just let me calm down.
The operator just let me try the frequency, pulse width and energy from the lowest ones first, then add them slowly. Finally, she confirmed the 5Hz, 10J, 80ms for me.
When the probe touched my skin, the first feeling is cold, very cold, the good news is, i really cant feel the pain. The operator just moved the probe back and forth two times. This is all for the treatment. The treatment time is very short, and comfortable.

How many 808nm hair removal treatments you need?

Mostly, 4-6 treatments is ok to do the hair removal permanently. Individually, other factors such as hair density, age and hormones can affect the results of your treatments. You can add two or more treatments to get the best results.

After treatment notice:

1.Swelling and hot sensation light come after the treatment. Do not take bath for the treated area in 24 hours after the treatment. Avoid hot water and hard scrubbing.
2. You can use ice to relive pain.
3. Prevent from UV and sun burning in 3-6 months after hair removal treatment, especially in summer, to avoid the pigment changes.

Do you have same or similar experience on hair removal? We can discuss together.

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