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Do You Know? There Is Actually Only One Microneedle Between You And Your Male God!

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1. How much do you know about microneedle?

Micro-needle is one of the fashionable fashion methods. It uses micro-needle roller/electric micro-needle/nano-micro-needle/RF micro-needle to create a large number of small conveying pipes between skin layers, making cell growth peptide active ingredients and various skins. The nutrients penetrate directly into the skin and stimulate the skin through a small channel. Using “point-to-point” ultra-micro-infiltration technology, the micro-needle can make more than 200,000 micro-pipes in a short time, positioning, layering and quantitatively containing cells. The "skin nutrients" of growth factors, detoxification factors and super concentrated nutrients are directly introduced into deep skin cells. With special products such as wrinkle, whitening, repairing, stretch marks and scars, it can reduce wrinkles, treat scars and stretch marks, whiten skin, reduce pigmentation, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and Improves the ideal effect of facial skin tissue. Micro-needle originated from Europe and America, is a cosmetic surgery for internal and external double repair. First, the skin is stimulated by an external microneedle instrument to initiate new skin tissue development by destroying the old skin structure.


To achieve the perfect effect of micro-needle beauty, the micro-needle needs to pass through the skin surface, dermis layer and fascia layer - balanced burning cells. The micro-needle aesthetic plastic absorption effect is nearly 100%, which is 4000 times that of ordinary care. It quickly and efficiently repairs and activates cells, promotes the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, smoothes depressed scars, diminishes pigmentation, smoothes wrinkles and other skin problems.

2. It can help you solve the following troubles:

1. The skin is dull, rough and dull.
2. The skin appears slack, sagging, aging, and decreased skin elasticity.
3. Dry skin, lack of water, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.
4. Large pores, acne, acne marks, strong oil secretion.
5. Dark yellow skin, uneven skin tone, long spots.
6. There are dark circles, edema.
7. Skin is more fragile, sensitive, and requires increased resistance to the skin.
8. The skin has fine lines, wrinkles, and is not delicate and smooth.
9. Cosmetics can't absorb, skin lacks nutrition.
10. often stay up late, make-up, dull skin.
11. Delay aging, prevent and improve sagging, wrinkles.


3. How to choose a product?


1.According to the length of the needle, the microneedles can be generally divided into 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm,2.25mm specifications. The shortest microneedle of the needle can act on the eye, can shrink the pores, and introduce the maintenance ingredients; the 0.5mm microneedle has the effect of blemishes and wrinkles; 1.0mm can be used to reduce the acne marks; 1.5mm and above are available To dilute stretch marks, eliminate slimming lines, scar lines and so on. The choice of microneedles is determined by the severity of the user's own skin problems. When the microneedle is used, it must be matched with the corresponding product, and the used product should be selected according to the effect that the user desires to achieve and achieve. Different skin problems should be combined with different products: if the user wants to get acne, the effect of fading the acne marks should be combined with the use of acne products; if you want to hydrate and whiten, you can choose to use hydrating whitening Products; can also be used according to the needs of skin rejuvenation products, is a changeable and versatile beauty skin care artifact!

2. According to different working modes, microneedles can be divided into two categories: needle roller (traditional manual microneedle with small roller) and flying needle (electric microneedle, electric force, fast action).

The difference between flying and rolling needles:

Flying needle: reduced pain, no bleeding and a small amount of bleeding, can be operated without anesthesia. And the needle is replaceable, there are nano needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 36 needles can be selected, the depth can also be adjusted. For the novice, it is good to get started, and even take care of the extremely thin skin of the eyes, especially for sensitive skin girls. The area of one roll is small and does not require force.
Needle roller: manual micro-needle, the pain will be stronger than the electric micro-needle, but this pain can also be artificially controlled. For example, your focus will be more painful, and the hand will not hurt. Its advantage is that the area is large, the efficiency of back and forth rolling is high, and it can reach the mesoderm of the skin (which can reach the depth of the dermis), so it is normal to do this kind of microneedle bleeding. This micro-needle method is also the plastic micro-needle therapy.


4. Did you really know how to use it?

1. Remove makeup + cleansing, remove jewelry, beauty, use a sterile cap to wrap the head, expose the operating area.
2. Apply anesthetic, facial anesthetic needs 30-40min, body parts need 60-90min, nano microneedle does not need to apply anesthetic.
3. Prepare the item, wear a mask and sterile gloves. Prepare aseptic bag, sterile gauze, syringe, microneedle device, saline, iodophor, syrup, household products: mask.
4. Dispense the liquid, mix the lysozyme with the lyophilized powder, and then mix with the essence.
5. Unloading anesthetics.
6. Prepare the microneedle device
7. Micro-needle needs to be used by one person, one disinfection and one waste. The microneedle of the roller is rinsed with salt water before use, and the whole process is aseptic.
8. Iodophor disinfection of the face, the entire area of ​​the surgery is completely disinfected, and repeated disinfection 2 times.
9. Facial iodine removal, clean with sterile gauze dampened with saline.
10. Operation, operation to facial flushing (if the pores are large, the concave scar needs to be operated to the point-like oozing), and the syrup is applied in time after the operation is completed. Do not operate the area back and forth.
11. Apply the film, after the operation is completed, directly apply the film, usually about 30-40 minutes. (The mask is made of pure collagen, aloe vera, and is fragile. Care should be taken during handling. After the mask is refrigerated, it has good calming redness, moisturizing effect, etc., and pay attention to the aseptic principle during operation).

5. What are your concerns?

1. Does micro-needle plastic surgery will make you feel painful ?
Before the operation, the anesthetic will be applied to the face for half an hour, and then the rolling on the face is only a slight tingling feeling, which is generally acceptable. The acne and scars will be deeper and the pain will be stronger.
2. Will it be infected after microneedle operation?
The disinfection work before and after the microneedle operation should be in place. The operation should be completely in accordance with the aseptic operation of the hospital. After the operation, please keep in mind the precautions. As long as the aseptic operation and follow-up treatments are followed, no infection will occur.
3. Can micro-needle be used only with lyophilized powder?
Microneedles are not necessarily used together with lyophilized powder. Freeze-dried powder has the effect of promoting epidermal growth. It can also be combined with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and left-handed c. See what effect you want to achieve with microneedles. The stock solution.
4. Does microneedle beauty have side effects?
Micro-needle beauty belongs to the medical beauty project, so it must be operated strictly in accordance with the disinfection method of the hospital. It must be operated in a formal institution and a beauty place, or it can be operated at home, but the disinfection and hygiene must be in place, and the operation must be standardized. The needle length can be selected between 0.2 and 0.5 mm. If the operation is not proper or the disinfection is not done, it may cause skin infection, allergies, inflammation, etc., but if you follow the regular operation, regular instruments, and repair, there will be no side effects.
5. After finishing the microneedle, the face is very red. How long will it take to recover?
 After the microneedle is finished, the face will usually be reddish, and the symptoms will be slightly more obvious, but it will be completely degraded in 2-7 days. Blushing is a normal phenomenon. You don't have to worry about it. You will definitely get better after a while. The principle of microneedle is to destroy and rebuild. Therefore, it will damage the epidermis. It is recommended to finish the microneedle and use the medical mask to promote skin recovery. Eat spicy and greasy food. Three points for seven-point maintenance, postoperative care is very important, with the "humanoid peptide" to initiate self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, keep the skin moist and elastic. At this time, you can not take collagen to avoid collagen proliferation.
6. How many times does the microneedle effect be obvious?
Depending on the skin condition, the effect of improving the problem is slow and slow. Under normal circumstances, once the effect is done once, it may not be obvious when the first time is done, and the effect will become more and more obvious. People with long-term care know that Maintenance is impossible to go to the sky one step at a time. Many people may be more impetuous now. I feel that I have given up after 1-2 times without achieving the expected effect, but in fact, the skin has large pores, stains, dark circles, or wrinkles, etc. It’s not a problem that suddenly appears on the body today. It’s a problem that accumulates over time. One time and two times of care can’t completely solve these problems, so we want to change, we must give ourselves patience.
7. How long can I see the effect after I finish it?
After the completion, it will not be effective immediately. It will take about a week to see the effect, because the inflammation in the early stage will be a little swollen, or a little red, and there must be a time of absorption and rejection.

6. Our suggestion:

Taboo crowd:
1. Pregnancy, lactation and menstrual period
2. Be cautious when using allergies to proteins and metals
3. Those who are allergic and severely allergic
4. Serious heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor blood coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorder, scar hyperplasia skin carefully used
5. The skin is very thin and slow to recover, and the surface of the skin has acne, pustules and other inflammatory people.
6. Acupuncture drug allergy
7. Congenital diseases and scars
8. I just did a trimming or filling
9. The population during the recovery period
10. The skin has an open wound
11. People with skin cancer or tumor disease, diseases of the immune system,
12. Scar body
13. During the administration of light-sensitive drugs, such as: A acid

Postoperative care:
2. Do not over-massage and knead within two weeks after surgery, and avoid the hot and humid environment. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. Note that you need to ban smoking and spicy food. Avoid water, avoid sauna or strenuous exercise, and be careful not to rub the injection site hard. Drink plenty of water to increase excretion in the body. Eat more fruit foods containing VC.
3. Do not use ointments, skin care products or cosmetics to wipe the treatment area after surgery, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection.
4. The microneedle can not be washed normally within 3 days after surgery, but it can be cleaned with sterile cotton swab and sterile saline. After that, the temperature of the face should not be too high, so that the skin is not easily stimulated by hot water and there will be some uncomfortable reactions.
5. Apply more water to repair the mask. After the microneedle is finished, the skin will become dry. This is because the skin's metabolism is accelerated after the microneedle. The collagen at the bottom of the skin grows and repairs the skin. It requires a lot of water and nutrients, so it needs more. Apply a repair mask to promote repair and skin growth.

We sincerely thank all of our friends for their support and sincere wishes that you can have an angel face in your dreams. We will patiently accompany you and enjoy your different harvests. As long as you continue to pay attention to us, we will continue to provide you with more amazing products and skin care tips. I wish you happiness !

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