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Microdermabrasion Machine Vs. Chemical Peel Product

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A bright and smooth skin always brings us a feeling of health and youth. however, with age, our skin starts to have various problems, for example, skin becomes dull and comes out wrinkle and spot. There are two exfoliation methods targeting a younger and smoother face are using microdermabrasion machine and chemical peel product.


Both of two methods can help you remove the damaged outer layers, improve the skin texture. microdermabrasion machine provides a physical procedure, and chemical peel product provides a chemical procedure. Which one is best for you? I will explain to you the difference between microdermabrasion and chemical peel before you make the decision.

What Is Microdermabrasion Machine? How Does It Work?

Microdermabrasion machine provides a non-invasive procedure that helps to improve fine lines, wrinkle, unwanted pigmentation on the skin.

The microdermabrasion machine comes with several different diamond tips, which abrade or rub off the outermost layer of your skin, remove dead skin cells and bring you new and fresh skin.

What Are Chemical Peel Products? How Do Chemical Peel Work?

Chemical peel products provide an invasive treatment aimed at solving serious skin problem, like deep wrinkle and acne. They are divided into the light to mild chemical peel products and strong chemical peel products.

A chemical solution is applied to the treated area, usually for the face, The chemical components will remove skin exfoliation, let the dead skin peel. After treatment, you will enjoy a smoother and younger skin.


Microdermabrasion Machine
- It is a mild and safe, almost no side effect.
- Can be treated for all skin type and colors.
- No anesthetic required.
- Good for sensitive skin.
- Fast recovery time, doesn’t affect normal life and work.

Chemical Peel Product
- The effect of chemical peel is long-lasting usually.
- Skin improvement can be quite effective.
- Help to solve the deep skin problem.
- Bring a softer, smoother and brighter skin.
- Reduce wrinkles, fade age spots, and fight for acnes.


Microdermabrasion is a safe and all-natural treatment, which suit for an early age, can treat all type of skin, it doesn’t cause any damage to the skin. During the treatment, microdermabrasion machine always provides a good, safe, and all-natural way.

A chemical peel is an invasive skin procedure with harsh chemical, it is not good at an early age. What needs to be noticed is that sensitive skin is not suitable for a chemical peel treatment. Therefore, the chemical peel product may be a little not safe.

Side Effects

Microdermabrasion treatment might cause skin tightness, bruising or redness, but it will generally disappear after a few hours or may a few days depending on your skin type.

Side effect from chemical peel product include burning, swelling, and the change of skin color, there are different strengths for a chemical peel, mild, medium and strong. The strong chemical peel will be painful and discomfort. Typically, it takes three months to recover.


Typically, chemical peel treatment will cost more than microdermabrasion treatment. Mild and medium chemical peel treatment will need lots of time, strong chemical peel treatment just once in a life. Chemical peel cost has a large difference in price. Mild chemical peel usually averages about USD150 to USD400, while strong medical-grade peel treatment will up to USD6000 one treatment, according to groupon.com.

The cost of microdermabrasion treatment can range anywhere from USD75 to USD200 per treatment, depending on skin type and provider.

Care After Microdermabrasion Treatment Vs. Chemical Peel Treatment

Microdermabrasion Treatment
- Keep the skin cool and calm, don't take a hot shower and sauna.
- You should drink plenty of water after treatment.
- Apply sunscreen in time to avoid direct skin exposure to the sunlight.
- Please use mild cleanser to treat your skin in the next few days.
- Keep your skin moisturizing, you can use hydrating mask at night.

Chemical Peel Treatment
- Don’t use warm or hot water to wash your face, the cool water should be the best.
- Deep moisturizing and hydrating for your skin, and drink more water.
- Avoid strenuous exercise or immediate sauna after chemical peel treatment.
- Avoid direct sun exposure, apply sunscreen before going out.
- Don’t peel your skin off with your fingers, it will cause skin scars.

FAQs For Microdermabrasion Machine

1.How many treatments are required?
For most people, 5 - 8 sessions treatment recommended for some skin problem, while acne scars may require more treatments. To maintain a good result, every 2 or 3 months one treatment needed.

2.How long after microdermabrasion do you see results?
In most cases, you will see the results within 7 to 10 days. without any downtime. Don't affect normal life and work.

3.What can I expect from Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion will bring your skin smoother, softer, brighter, and glowing, not only used on the face but used on neck, chest, and hands.

4.How does the treatment feel?
After a microdermabrasion treatment, you will feel skin tightness and heat but disappear soon. The feeling a bit like a cat licking your face.

FAQs For Chemical Peel Product

1.How do I know whether a light, mild, or strong chemical peel product is right for me?
Typically, it depends on your skin sensitivity and the extent to which you want to heal it.

2.How long do chemical peels last?
In general, the mild chemical peel will last 1 to 2 months, it requires very little downtime.

3.Are chemical peels painful?
A mild chemical peel will be a little irritating, while strong chemical peel will harsher than it, you may consider taking some analgesics before strong chemical peel treatment.

4.How long after a chemical peel can I wash my face?
Just waiting for 12 to 24 hours after a chemical peel to wash your face, and please wash the face with a mild cleanser.


In this post, I focus on explaining the difference between microdermabrasion machine and chemical peel products, and some FAQs of them. I think now you should know which method is best for you. If you have any further suggestions and questions, you can leave a message below the comments area. Thanks for your patient reading.

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