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Life tips

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:08-22-2019

Life tips
Wash a face is everybody should do in every day, in the life some people can use salt to wash a face, why should use brine to wash a face? What profit can wash a face with brine whiten? Let's see
I believe that many people, like me, have annoying oily skin. Especially in the winter, oily skin will make you more headaches. He will make you feel that the skin is always greasy and very uncomfortable, and the oily skin is even more so that you can't show it better after using the cosmetics. Because there is always a layer of oil on the face.

Therefore, many female friends will buy a variety of oil control cosmetics, It's a waste of time as well as money, the effect is not necessarily good. Today I will teach you a little trick to effectively remove facial oil.
Perhaps some people know that washing your face with salt can control oily skin. Yes, today I'm going to talk about the benefits of washing your face with salt water. First of all, NaCl, the main component of salt, ionic compounds, pure sodium chloride crystals are colorless transparent cubic crystals. The function of salt is very wide: disinfection, protect tooth, hairdressing, clean skin, decontamination, medical treatment, important chemical raw material, edible, chemical properties, etc
And What profit does wash a face with brine have?
Salt can purify facial freckle on certain level, have hairdressing expert to think, wash a face with salt better than a lot of wash a face milk, because salt is chafing in the face, can eliminate effectively the grease that pore place accumulates on the face, acne, blackhead, dead skin to wait.Salt can remove bilge besides, still have anti-inflammatory action, can accelerate the rate of apoptosis of dark sore 
Specific method is: when washing a face in the morning and evening, can mix the lemon juice that adds a teaspoon of salt to add a few to have whitening effect, add water to make after dissolubility besmear is in the face, from forehead ministry top and bottom rub on the skin, edge rub on the skin is done annular massage, after half a minute with wen shui thorough cleanness facial ministry, besmear goes up again next protect wet latex or continue normal protect skin step.Wash your face in the morning and evening once a day, and after about a week your face will appear a rosy and transparent feeling.

Pay attention to washing order:
Want to wash a hand clean, because the hand is very easy to stick on bacterium, dirty hand does not have a bit profit to wash a face, must wash a hand before washing a face so clean.Next, can use cleanness milk to wash a face to wash a face first, inspect everybody oneself circumstance and decide.Then, while the skin is not dry after washing your face, put the right amount of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water. Carefully mix the salt and water with your fingertips.Rub with salt water on your fingers from the top of your forehead. Rub with salt water and massage around your forehead for 3-5 times.
This is my share today, hope to be useful to you!If you have a lot of life tips, welcome to leave a comment and share.Let's make life more beautiful, life more relaxed, happy!Thank you very much!!

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