Laser treatment for facial wrinkles

  • Author: Sophia ChenDate:06-14-2019

We are all aging as time marches on. Everyone cannot avoid the aging process at a different speed. You will feel despair when your friend's skin is very smooth. Because there are obvious crow's feet around your eyes and a clear line between your nose and mouth!

Many factors can affect our skin condition: pollution, exposure to sunlight and elements, smoking, and whether you have enough discipline to develop a skin care regimen. Even genetics plays a big role in the speed of our aging, including whether you have thick skin or thin skin or a light or dark complexion. Although we can't control many factors during the aging process, we have a way to improve ourselves anyway.

How does laser removal wrinkle?

Laser treatment uses a specific wavelength pulse width laser to selectively penetrate the epidermis, stimulate the damaged collagen layer, and a new collagen structure appears. The new collagen structure grows at a normal speed, gradually repairs the damaged collagen layer and improves the texture of the skin. And the condition that significantly reduces wrinkles.

Laser treatment can cause fibroblasts in the interstitial cells to be stimulated by specific chemical factors secreted by the dermal microvasculature, which can produce collagen molecules, which are gradually combined into ordered new collagen to completely remove wrinkles. Laser wrinkle removal is particularly simple, no need to open the knife, the results are clear, more reassuring, laser wrinkle removal will not damage the skin and nerves and blood vessels, greatly reducing the trauma of diagnosis and treatment.

Laser therapy can be completed in a short time

The beauty of laser treatment is that it can be done in a very short time. Within 30 minutes, a non-invasive laser procedure can be applied and has significant results. Customers can continue their schedule without interruption, as treatment has almost no side effects.

Laser treatment for facial wrinkles bring us satisfying result

Laser skin treatment directs the heat beam to the underlying skin (dermis) or the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). Depending on the type of laser, low energy or high energy wavelengths can be applied. When the dermis is targeted, heat causes a change. As the tissue heals, the skin becomes smoother and firmer. When heat is directed to the facial surface, the old skin is evaporated and, after healing, a new layer of new skin is revealed. For all types of laser treatment, whether the heat is for the dermis or the epidermis, it will cause collagen production, and the customer will notice the skin's radiance for a long time after laser treatment.

Laser therapy is becoming more popular as it provides a safe and effective alternative to scalpels. It is cheaper than traditional surgery and provides patients with wonderful, satisfying results.

Why not let me help you push your best face forward? Although laser skin treatment can't change the date on the birth certificate, it can make people think you are much younger than the actual!

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