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Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

  • Author: Daisy HeDate:11-24-2020

Nearly 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo. Almost half of the millennials have one. But not everyone is happy with their decision. Up to 25% of tattooers express regrets of tattoos.

If you belong to this 25%, then there is good news. Laser tattoo removal technology removes unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects.


What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

This therapy uses a high-energy laser to penetrate the skin. This light passes through the skin harmlessly, but it forces the pigment particles to start vibrating. This creates heat, which in turn causes the particles to break into smaller pieces that are removed by the lymphatic system.

The duration of each treatment varies, and the treatment time for each treatment point ranges from 20 minutes to more than an hour. The effect of laser tattoo removal is often gradual. This means that the tattoo should fade away with each successive date and as your body's natural processes occur.

Why Get a Tattoo?

Most people have tattoos for two reasons. They want to express themselves and show their uniqueness. Or they want to show that they belong to a group. Take a moment to identify design. Also, consider where you want it and who will see it.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

Laser tattoo removal has many distinct advantages, most of which involve the non-surgical nature of this treatment. These advantages include:

1. No scars - the purpose of the laser is to get your healthy skin cells. This means that the possibility of leaving a scar is low, in contrast to the removal method that relies on "grinding" the skin.

2. Effective fading and tattoo removal - laser removal can effectively reduce the appearance of the tattoo, without lasting effects, can make other removal methods undesirable.

3. Minimal Recovery - After receiving laser tattoo removal treatment, you need to protect your skin from UV radiation for a few days. A small amount of redness and tenderness may persist, but these effects should resolve after a few days of treatment.

4. Remove specific or entire tattoos - laser tattoo removal can remove specific tattoos or clean the entire area of your body.

5. Safety - Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways to remove tattoos. The risk of infection is minimal, and after a few adverse side effects occur, treatment and comfort often remain high during the course of treatment.

How Much Will The Laser Tattoo Removal Will Cost You?

Laser tattoo removal costs. The average cost of laser tattoo removal ranges from $200 to $500. The price depends on several factors, including the type and scope of the tattoo, as well as the surgeon's expertise and training.

Since laser tattoo removal requires several treatments to complete, the total cost can be as low as $1,000 or as high as $10,000.

While these prices can be daunting, some plastic surgeons offer payment plans and other financing options to help patients pay for laser tattoo removal.

How Long Does The Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Treatment Last?

Each tattoo has different characteristics that affect the number of removals necessary. These include size, color, type of ink used, whether the tattoo is new or old.

The treatment of laser tattoo removal is mainly determined by the color of the tattoo. Most tattoos are made up of different color families and different lasers each. Some tattoos require 15 to 20 treatments to be completely removed. Turquoise tattoos are the hardest to eliminate because there is no single laser that can effectively aim at color.

In most cases, laser tattoo removal takes 6 to 12 sessions and can last for months or years.

What Is The Side Effect and Risk Of Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

Side Effect

Laser treatment is usually safer than other methods of removing tattoos, such as excision, dermabrasion or Sarah, because laser treatment selectively treats pigments in tattoos. And there are almost no side effects. However, you should consider these factors in your decision:

1. There is a risk of infection in your tattoo removal site. You may have a permanent scar.

2. Your tattoo is unlikely to be completely removed. In many cases, certain colors may be removed more efficiently than others. For example, blue and black tattoos work well for laser treatment.

3. You may experience hypopigmentation, which means that the skin being treated is paler than the surrounding skin. You may also have pigmentation that makes the affected skin darker than the rest of your skin.

4. Cosmetic tattoos such as lip liners, eyeliners and eyebrows may become darker after treatment. They do fade away with additional sessions.


Most types of tattoos may leave scars after removal. Infection or skin discoloration is also possible

Any type of tattoo has a health risk. The most serious is a very dangerous infection, such as HIV or hepatitis C, from unclean needles. You may also be infected with MRSA or pustules, which are staphylococcal infections, or cellulitis, a deep skin infection. Another danger is impure inks containing mold or bacteria. This can cause problems in the eyes, lungs and other organs.

What Are The Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews?


1. Jony: In October 2016, I tattooed a tattoo and immediately regretted it. I wanted to remove it immediately. I started with a q-switched laser (starting in February 2017) for 5 treatments. I chose the q-switched laser because it is the cheapest option. I think I was misled. They told me that I only need 5-6 courses, and they started treatment 5 weeks later. After doing more research, I found that Pico is the more effective and new technology for removing tattoos, especially black tattoos. I had my first Pico treatment in September 2017 and I needed to wait 12 weeks for the next treatment. I want to track my progress here and get support from the community. Like many of you, I am very anxious about tattooing and tattoo removal. Is it really removed?! Will there be scars left by blisters?! This is a terrible mistake, but now I hope that the tattoo will be completely removed in the summer of 2018.

2. About a month ago, I accepted the 9th treatment, probably the third time. Overall, I feel less pressured and optimistic about progress. I noticed the difference at this meeting. However, there must be some scars and discoloration. My hope is almost completely shattered next summer. I can still do a cover-up, we will wait and see! I receive treatment every 12 weeks, the next time is in October.

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