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Is China's beauty market saturated?

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, many international economies have been continuously developed. It also includes China, China's development progress since the reform and opening up, the whole has seen it, and they are all admired and surprised by the speed of China's development.

With the development of China, people's living standards have also been significantly improved. Of course, China is still working hard towards a larger, comprehensive and well-off society. Due to the rapid development of the economy, the Chinese people have undergone tremendous changes in the quality and requirements of their lives. From the previous material requirements and spiritual needs to solve the problem of food and clothing. It is precisely because of these changes that China has played a leading role in today's economic environment. Because China is a very promising and large-scale market. China's population base is large, and its spending power is exploding, which has made China's spending power increasingly strengthened. Therefore, many countries attach great importance to China's huge consumer group.

Of course, what I want to discuss today is the Chinese beauty industry market. According to the survey, the number of Chinese people going abroad for cosmetic surgery is increasing every year. Therefore, China has also made large incomes in the beauty industry in countries such as South Korea and Japan.

The rapid development of science and technology has also led to a new format in the beauty industry – medical beauty. As of the end of February 2018, there were 586 medical and beauty institutions in Guangdong Province, with an average monthly increase of 20 from June 2017. At present, the size of China's medical and beauty market is about 125 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.7%. It is expected to double the growth rate of less than 40% in the future. It is expected to reach a scale of more than 460 billion yuan by 2020, with an average annual compound growth of over 40%。Compared with the beauty industry in Korea, the beauty industry in Korea is relatively developed. However, China has a huge advantage in the population base, so China has great potential in the beauty industry market. It is also worth investing.

However, the development of China's beauty market is relatively fast in the two aspects of breast enhancement and weight loss. Here is a copy of the data from previous surveys.
First:The development trend of breast enhancement and beauty


Second:Trends in obesity
According to a study by British experts, China and the United States are the countries with the most obesity people in the world. Among them, the number of male obesity in China is 43.2 million, and the number of female obesity is 46.4 million, ranking first in the world.
Moreover, due to China’s large population base, the second child policy has now been liberalized. Therefore, under this condition, the obese people in China will continue to grow. This will drive demand for the weight loss market.
Therefore, the market development of the beauty industry in China is indeed very strong. Of course this is my personal opinion. If you have your own different opinions, or want to know about the beauty industry. Welcome message! Thank you! ! !

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