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IPL Hair Removal Laser Machine

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What Is IPL Laser?

IPL laser calls the High intense pulse laser, the laser can transmits the energy direct to target treatment area. IPL works by heating the hair and hair root under the skin, the hair follicle melanin absorbing heating to destroy the hair follicle structure, let the hair grow slow and getting tiny, if the hair color is blacker, then it will absorb much more light, then hair will fall off and regeneration is inhibited. It is used for beauty treatment of hair removal and therapy various skin treatment, such as skin pigmentation, sunshine injury and skin rejuvenation.

What Is The Benefit Of The IPL Diode Laser?

I.Hair removal
If you tired of shaving, you can consider the IPL diode laser permanent hair removal beauty machine. It is the non-invasive and non-surgical therapy for a long time, safe and fast, the result can last for long time. The IPL diode laser focus the pulse light on the specific wavelength(450-1200nm), and works on the target treatment area. IPL hair can penetrate the light from skin surface quickly, then destroy the melanin or blood vessels, good results in hair remover.

II.Pigmentation removal
Pigmentation usually induced by sunlight, age or congenital factors. There always with various size, shape or pigmentation depth. Intensive pulsed light(IPL) can treat and remove them, it destroys vessels through from the skin surface, melanin will be breakdown, skin will scabs then falls off after some days, so pigmentation and spots will disappear.

III.IPL for wrinkle removal
IPL is also known as IPL laser photorejuvenation. is continuing to become a more widely utilised choice. It is relatively simple and effective, rare side effect, sooner recovery time. Intense pulse light from different wavelength, and focused the light on the target skin you are treating. Operate on the skin, laser light therapy for stimulating collagen production, to fill fine lines and wrinkles or shallow scars.

How Much Does The IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost?

IPL laser beauty device cost is known to differ depending on needing of homeuse or professional for salon. Homeuse IPL device price range from us$70 to us$200. but if you need for professional, then price will range from us$1000 to 2000. but sometimes the price will differ of the country you want to deliver the machine to.

How Long Does The IPL Hair Removal System Treatment Last?

The treatment is very quick, only need 15-20 minutes for the complete treatment, but also depend on the treatment area you want to hair removal or skin rejuvenation, and its size or scope. After the treatment, the beautician will need short time to see the skin situation and skin to get recovery. And the clear result will be saw after 4-6 treatments, you should do a session of treatment( say 4-6 times) after 2-3 months, then 6 months to get the permanent hair removal result.

What Is The IPL Laser Therapy Risk And Side Effect?

1. After treatment, the skin by side of pigment will getting red, but will disappear within hours or some days, and some people will getting little blisters or skin will become shallow or dark than usual temporally.
2. Burn skin, the IPL laser is too high will burn skin, but this is rare by professional operator, and when you use the portable beauty device, set up the energy from low to high according to feeling.
3. Scabbing, this is normal for pigment spots removal treatment, which are appear on surface, but will flake off after 1-2 weeks.

What Is The People Say About The IPL Laser Hair Machines ?

The results of my first IPL was great.- Tara
The results. Smoother skin & reduced appearance of brown spots. - Bailey

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