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Hydra facial treatment experience

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With the rapid development of beauty technology. Skin management becomes more and more popular.
Many people use a lot of expensive skin care product but still cannot save their skin. I think they can try to go to a beauty salon, fast result and safer because it is operated by a professional skin care therapist.

I heard about hydra facial before, and it becomes popular recently. It is said that one treatment is equal to 500 times daily clean, which is unbelievable! So I decided to experience it.

I made an appointment with one beauty salon which is nearest to my home. The people there are very kindness and hospitality. I filled a form and then they guide me to the skincare therapist office, after a few minutes talking with the therapist, we started the treatment.

I thought it would be painful, but actually not. It was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.

The treatment procedure:
Facial cleaning with foam
Hydra facial machine probe deeply clean the skin
Repair and lifting skin

Hydra facial uses vacuum suction mode controlled by the intelligent process, through the combination of products and equipment to suck out the dirty things from skin pores. Because my skin is sensitive, the therapist set low energy for me. The hydra tip is dirty after treatment, and the pores of my nose look much cleaner.

Essence-in uses microcurrent bio handle, the therapist applied some repair cream on my face and massaged along the skin texture to lift skin. I felt a little microcurrent but it was comfortable. After that my face much tighter than before.

The last step: deep moisturizing mask, they told me this mask has a very good result on moisturizing, only their salon has. After 15mintues, the therapist cleaned my face and rubbed some essence massage to let my skin absorb.

It took one hour to finish all the steps. After treatment, the skin was very smooth and elastic.
Through the before & after picture, my blackhead improved a lot. I was so happy. It is true hydra facial treatment is much better than traditional skin care. I plan to try other items next time.


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