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How To Wear A Mask Correctly To Protect Against The New Coronavirus?

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This is the overview introduction to how to wear a medical mask correctly to protect against the new coronavirus.
In this guide I will cover:
How to choose the correct mask?
How to wear mask?
How to deal with the obsolete mask rightly?
So if you want know more about the medical face mask, you will love this article.
Let us get started.

How To Choose The Correct Mask?


There are so many kinds of masks on the market.
A mask can be either a personal protective respirator or a medical/surgical device. How to choose a personal respirator or medical surgical mask?

A personal respirator mask includes activated carbon mask, cotton mask, and sponge mask. or N95 respirator etc. This face mask work for geting rid of odors and dust, PM2.5, smoke, mist etc. This personal respirator as well as can work for againsting poisonous gases and vapors such as 84 disinfectant.
The mask reach the stardard of Class N can be used to protect the virus, such as coronavirus (COVID-19).

A medcial surgical mask can protect against droplets infectious agents However, it is not a 100% okay, because it is not able to protect against infectious agents.
Medical surgical mask can resist 70% virus, in public places without contact with the patient, medical surgical mask is ok.
Medical protective mask i.e. N95 mask, resist 95% virus, wear when contact with the patient.


How To Wear A Mask?

How to wear a mask properly?
Step1: Take the mask out from the packaging, then apply it on the face by holding it by its ties.
Step 2: Make sure the right side has been put on the face, normally, the most padded side should be applied to the face.
Step 3: Fingertips on the tip of your nose, then tighten the fine steel wire, make sure the mask cover nose, mouth, chin, thin strap behind your ears.
Step 4: Adjust the tightness regularly.


How To Deal With The Obsolete Mask Rightly?

How to deal with the obsolete mask rightly?
General population(without fever, cough etc.)
Destroy the used mask then put into the sealed garbage bag or container.
Or put it into the garbage of community and the company which discarding the used masks, don not touch the outside of the mask. Wash your hands after that.

People with fever, cough etc.
Soak for 30 minutes with boiling water(or water above 56 ℃). Or sterilize and destroy with alcohol spray then put it in a sealed garbage or container.
Or discard in a separate garbage, then unified treating by the epidemic prevention and the municipal departments.

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