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How To Use 40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Machine For Body Care?

  • Author: YohannaDate:11-03-2021

Many people think that 40K cavitation, RF radio frequency and vacuum machine is only used for facial care or slimming. If you think so, maybe this article can bring you different inspiration.


Another feature about Vacuum with RF handle---Uterus Ovary Care

There are many beauty instruments on the market with such a vacuum with RF handle. We usually use it to massage our fat-rich parts, such as our abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Because it massages our skin with vacuum pressure, because of the radio frequency around the handle, they also act on the fat accumulation area, which can massage the fat well, thus achieving the effect of losing weight.


However, many people do not know other function of vacuum with RF handle ----- Warm Palace


I believe many women have heard the phrase "If you compare a woman to a tree, then the uterus is the root of this tree." Yes, all our female beauty comes from our womb, which nourishes us. Many of our problems are caused by unhealthy uterus, such as spots on the skin, acne, premature skin aging and chest hyperplasia. These problems are closely related to the estrogen secreted by our uterus.
Due to the increasing work pressure on our modern women, irregular work schedules and unhealthy diets cause problems in our uterus. So uterine care has become especially important for us.


If you want to know how to use Vacuum with RF handle for uterine care, Please have a check below video link:

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