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How To Use High Frequency Treatment For Acne

  • Author: ChloeDate:11-21-2020

Speaking of the topic of acne, it seems that we have been around us since our puberty. We ourselves or those around us have more or less experienced acne. What is the cause of acne? How can you treat it? Can acne repeatedly appear and can't heal? These are all issues that we are very concerned about. Today, we may wish to talk about the topic of treating acne.


First of all, let's start with the reasons for appearing acne. Many people may not know that the causes of acne in all parts of our face are different.

1. Forehead acne
The pressure is high, the heart is hot, the temper is bad, often angry, causing problems in heart fire and blood circulation.

2. Temple
Small acne near the temple, indicating that your diet contains too much processed food, causing obstruction of the gallbladder, you need to quickly clean up the body; in the meridian is a collection and relief, when the digestive system is bad, it will grow acne .

3. Long eyebrows between the eyebrows
Chest tightness, irregular heart rhythm, palpitations.

4. Between the eyes and the nose
The liver function is not good.

5. Nasal acne
The stomach fire is too strong and the digestive system is abnormal.

6. Nasal acne
It is related to ovarian function or reproductive system; it is easy to develop acne when the gas is not smooth.

7. Left cheeks
It is easy to feel tired, dry mouth, and liver function is not smooth.

8. Right cheeks
Pulmonary dysfunction; easy to catch cold, allergies.

9. Lip around the acne
Constipation causes accumulation of toxins in the body, or the use of excessive fluoride toothpaste.

10. Chin acne
Endocrine disorders.

11. Under the cheekbone
The digestive system is not good and nutrition is not easy to absorb.


After understanding the causes of various acne, let's talk about the way to treat acne! Today, a acne technology introduced mainly to you is called High Frequency.

What Is High Frequency?

High-frequency electrotherapy is an instrument that uses high-frequency current vibration to generate thermal effects and ultraviolet light and current to treat the skin. It has the effect of promoting absorption, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, accelerating wound healing. It is suitable for acne skin and wound skin treatment, and has been used for a long time in beauty. After the skin is stimulated by this current, local peripheral blood vessels alternately contract and expand. The electric spark ionizes the oxygen in the air to produce ozone, thereby improving blood circulation, sterilization and anti-inflammatory.


How Does High Frequency Facial Treatment Play The Role Of Acne?

The applied current generated by the high frequency facial treatment device can also change the cell membrane function of human cells, change its ion channel, change the receptor on the membrane, make the inflammatory medium unable to bind to the receptor, shrink the capillary end, and thus inhibit the occurrence of inflammation.

How To Choose The Right High Frequency Machine For Acne?

According to the different probes of the high frequency for acne treatment, we roughly divide them into 3 categories, and the different types of functions and functions are also different. Curved shape: mainly used for local, such as less acne. Tongue shape: mainly used for nasal groove and lip circumference. Mushroom shape: mainly used for large-area operations, such as full face.

How Often Should We Make A High Frequency Acne Treatment?

Generally speaking, we recommend that the high-frequency treatment should be no more than 3 times a week. The specific number of treatments should be determined according to the condition of the acne. If it is a small area, the acne can be used 1-2 times a week. If the acne condition is serious, you can use it about 3 times. However, in order not to damage the immune repair of our skin itself, we do not recommend it for daily use.


What Products Should I Use With High Frequency Facial Skin Care?

When using high frequency facial skin care, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect, we can use it with some essence or acne gel products, or use it with talcum powder. What kind of products should be matched with should depends on different skin types.

Indirect Method: Suitable For Dry Skin And Aging Skin
1. Select one of the glass electrode tubes to attach to the handcuff.
2. Put a layer of talcum powder on your hand, hold the glass tube, and start the instrument so that the current will flow from the hand to the whole body.
3. Perform a facial massage from the neck to the chin, from the face to the forehead.
4. After the operation is completed, turn off the power and remove the glass tube from the handle.

Direct Method: For Oily Skin
1. First apply a skin cream and cream on the face, then attach the glass tube to the handle and then hold the handle to make the glass tube touch the face, then start the instrument.
2. Gently move the handle so that the glass tube slides on the face in a “Z” shape or spiral shape, and then follow the following parts in order.
Physical therapy: Forehead - nose - right facial cheek - left face - nose - forehead.
After the operation is completed, turn off the power and remove the glass tube from the handle.

Radiance Therapy: For Injured, Painful And Inflamed Skin
1. Cover the customer's eyes with a damp cloth, then attach the glass tube to the handle and start the instrument so that the light-emitting end of the glass tube contacts.
2. The face is treated. Note that it cannot exceed 10 seconds each time;
According to this method, it is normal for the glass tube to contact the facial skin.
3. After the operation is completed, turn off the power and remove the glass tube from the handle.

1. For sensitive skin, please cover the skin surface with gauze before nursing to avoid excessive irritation of the skin.
2. Do not leave the glass electrode tube in the same part for more than 10 seconds while nursing.
3. Pregnant women and implanted pacemakers in the body to disable the instrument.
4. The glass electrode tube must be attached to the handle before starting the instrument. Turn off the power after using the instrument.
5. The discharge phenomenon and ultraviolet light will occur during operation, which is normal.


In fact, many people are not familiar with or even understand the principle, efficacy and operation methods of high-frequency treatment of acne. I hope that this article can help you understand more about high-frequency knowledge!

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