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How To Use High Frequency For Hair Regrowth

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What Is High frequency

Hair loss is always annoy, and today’s blog will introduce you how to use high frequency for hair regrowth.
Why we recommend hair loss treatment with high frequency? The high frequency uses the principle of electric current to make use of the human body to conduct heat inside the body tissue, so that the heat can pass through the body tissue to the deep layer of the skin to achieve deep heat, so that the heat in the body is increased by 3-5 degree, and the heat of each part is increased by about 7 degree, the highest temperature. It can reach 45degree. Therefore, it achieves the effects of promoting lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, and enhancing immunity. In addition, the high frequency also increases the supply of oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, white blood cells, etc.

Is High Frequency Safe?


High frequency scalp treatment is a safe, gentle, non-invasive treatment.
Through its rapid oscillation, high frequency scalp wand use currents to improve the nutritional process, gently exfoliate, promote local blood circulation, stimulate local glandular activity, provide heat to areas of the nervous system, and significantly improve scalp acceptance and post-treatment hair growth formula overall effectiveness. For many years, hairdressers have been using high-frequency current technology to restore scalp conditions, which helps promote healthy hair growth.
Stimulating the scalp cells by high-frequency currents on the surface of the scalp can also improve the nutritional process, stimulate local blood circulation, stimulate local glandular activity, provide heat, and soothe the nervous system of the nervous system.

How High Frequency Makes Hair Regrowth?

1. Frequently use of high frequency can play a role in hair growth, anti-offset and repair.
2. The ozone generated when using high frequency has a bactericidal effect.
3. High frequency can regulate the secretion of oil in the head, improve hair quality, strengthen the tightness, density and elasticity of hair.
4. High frequency hair care comb is through the high-frequency pulse micro-current, which produces micro-electric massage stimulation to the scalp, kills bacteria, stimulates hair follicle vitality, and promotes hair growth.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Use High Frequency Scalp Treatment


1. In the case of the use of electric power, the electric power is not required, the electric power is not required, the power is not changed, the power is changed, the power is changed, the power is changed, and the power is not accepted. Received exemption.
2. It does not require extra power, so it can be used as an extra finger.
3. Pre-use precautions, constant voltage correction or non-registration.
4. Attention is not necessary at the time of temperature adjustment.
5. After the use is complete, the minimum amount of adjustment is required for the general export, and the following inconvenience is not achieved. Used under unprofitable conditions.
6. When used, high pressure outlet is not required.
7. At the time of replacement electric pipe, the supplier's power supply.

Who Can Use The High Frequency For Hair Regrowth


1. People whose hair is dry
2. People whose hair is oily
3. People whose hair is neutral

Who Can Not Use The High Frequency For Hair Regrowth

1. Pregnant woman
2. People who implanted with metal

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