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How to Moisturize Your Skin in Winter

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Hello, beautiful ladies! As the winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder. Many ladies are complaining that it is very hard to control the dry skin. If you are experiencing the following conditions now, you may need to read my words. your skin is dry and desquamative, or even sensitive red and itchy. You have already used the hydrating mask every day but used less. it is still dry. Then you may need a little oil at this time. You may have the following misunderstanding to oil: If the skin is dry, it is the basic reason for the lack of water. So you think you should try harder to fill water in your skin! At this time, you may need a little oil. How to fight with the dry climate without oil!

Some people know that the ideal skin condition is a balance of oil and water. Both water and oil must exist and balance at the same time.
Water: can make skin plump and moist
Oil: can make skin soft and smooth
Actually a lot of people with oily skin are blindly accuse oil but not moisturize their skin. it is a big mistake. Actually, the real reason of the skin gives out oil is that the skin is short of water!

Knowledge of moisturizing skin

There are two reasons which make skin moisture loss. The first kind is the reason for evaporating naturally. The moisture will lose about 500ml every day. The other reason is that of the climate, air conditioning, age, and improper diet, resulting in the water shortage of the skin. The water content in the basic layer of deep skin is as high as 70%, and the water content in the surface layer of the outermost skin is only 15%. the defensive function of the inside and outside factors can all destroy the skin condition, making the skin dehydrate seriously. And the corneous layer of the skin should maintain the moisture of above of at least 10% so that the skin looks burnish, smooth, delicate like the skin of a baby. If the moisture content falls down below 10%, the skin becomes dry, peeling and elastic. If the skin is rich insufficient of moisture, it will be looks full of flexibility. Thus, do want to have healthy and beautiful skin? Make sure to give skin sufficient water.

Is the more water the better?

The answer is obviously not. The internal facial skin defensive line which keeps our skin wet is the basic sebum. Sebum is made up of the oils and water in our skin. The skin can not lock the moisture in the skin without the protection of the oil. The skin appears to be dry and lacks water. This is why sometimes we give enough water to our skin, but we still feel dry. And if the skin lacks oily seriously, it can also become very flimsy, sensitive, and may cause all kind of skin problems.

Should we use the moisturizing mask every day?

Using the face mask every day cannot let your skin perfect, on the contrary, the high frequency of using the mask can make the cuticle layer of skin become thin and lose the protective ability. The skin will become dark without light. Face film should be used at first-aid. Using the face mask 3 or 4 times one week is enough for your skin.

Should we drink a lot of water everyday?

Some people want to solve the skin moisturizing problem by drinking a lot of water. Drinking too much water cannot solve the problem of the skin lacking water. And you will see a puffiness people in their mirror. Drinking eight glasses of water one day is enough to keep your skin against the dry winter. But drinking water will not solve the source of dry skin.

Oily skin does not need to be hydrated?

Oily skin looks bloom does not mean it is not lack of water. It also needs to water. Actually, oily skin looks bloom is only because it gives out much oil but not because it is with enough water. When the skin is short of water, it still can secrete grease ceaselessly to maintain moisture. So it is very important according to adjust the moisturizing product to protect our skin.

In general, whatever method you use to moisturize your skin, we should balance the water and oil. And there is no need to use the face mask every day, drink too much water and supply the skin too much water. The oily skin also needs to be hydrated. At last, we should better use some face cream after using the mask or other methods for skin moisturizing to lock the water in our skin.

With these skills of moisturizing skin, it is easy to ride the cold and dry winter. Dear ladies, are you clear about how to moisturize your beautiful face in the dry winter now?

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