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How to make our breasts perfect?

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:11-27-2020

I believe that for all female friends. If they have a perfect body will give them strong self-confidence. But for some female friends, even if they are very beautiful, they will feel disappointed. A very important point is their bust. Many female friends' chests are not perfect, and some may even have deformities, left and right have not the same size, and sagging. On tghe other reason,some of female friends to feel burdened by large breasts.Especially in the summer, many female friends like to swim in bikinis. They will fell very disappointed because the chest is too small or not full enough. So ,many people will think lot of various ways to let them breast to be bigger,tall and straight .
However, many female friends are risking their lives to do breast enhancement surgery for their perfect body. This method of breast enhancement not only causes great harm to the body, but also wastes money.

So, today I will introduce you to a breast enhancement instrument that can be used by both family and beauty clubs. It is an upgraded version of MS-1275 Vacuum Cup breast enlargement machine. This device can bring breast enhancement effect, body massage, lymphatic drainage, and treatment without any side effects. It will bring you a confident and healthy life.

Show as below:


The function and principle of this instrument:

This product USES the physical vacuum adsorption pressure to expand and tighten the chest muscle, and at the same time promotes the blood to accelerate the circulation, expands directly to the breast sponge and quickly produces new cells, making the small breast flat and plump in a short time.Mammary cell falls in outside force action, can promote human body to mammary secrete more to the hormone of pair of, stimulate a breast to produce gelin ceaselessly, at the same time rapid carry nutrition material to mammary cell.Solve the problem such as breast size, tit contraction, flabby prolapse.Commonly used mammary gland instrument, can promote mammary gland blood to circulate, wait for a disease to have prophylactic effect to hernia, breast milk.Strengthen female curve aesthetic feeling, add female glamour.It is the best beauty product for modern women's fashion and fitness.

How does the instrument work?

This instrument has been completely upgraded to solve the hands of the beautician. Compare previous breast enhancement instruments. When the beautician is doing breast enhancement for the client, the hands must always hold the breast cup. And now the biggest thing about this instrument is that it frees hands. A pressure sensor has been added to the instrument. The set vacuum pressure and adsorption time can be monitored all the time. Allow the vacuum cup to be held at a constant pressure for a period of time. In this way, the beautician can make beauty for 2~3g customers at the same time. In the same time, you can get 2 to 3 times the treatment feedback.
The way the instrument works is to set the treatment time and then adjust the vacuum adsorption pressure. Place the breast cup on the breast and press the instrument start button. The vacuum suction pressure will gradually increase until it rises to the set pressure value. This is going to keep this pressure at the time you set it.

Operation method:

1. Massage the breast muscles with some lotion around the chest for 10 minutes.
2. Apply some latex around the breast.
3. Set the adsorption pressure value and adjust the adsorption time.
4. After the treatment, apply some essence on the breast for 10 minutes. Then wipe it clean.
1. Each treatment for about 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, for 2 to 3 months can see significant results.
2. Do not take a bath for 8 hours after treatment.

What kind of people need breast enhancement treatment?

1. The person who expands the breast
Some female friends' breasts will expand and not be strong enough. This will not only affect the appearance, but also will be uncomfortable when wearing bra, and it will be easy to overwhelm when sleeping at night, which is undoubtedly very uncomfortable.
2. People with sagging breasts
The sagging of the chest is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing, and the sagging chest will not look strong enough, which makes people feel less confident and disappointed with their breasts.
3. The person with breast atrophy
Especially for most female friends after giving birth, due to the birth of children, estrogen will be reduced, the connective tissue of the chest will shrink, unable to support the chest muscles, and there will be sagging.
4. People with high and low imbalances in the left and right breasts
Female friend is in adolescence, estrogen can secrete more, and the breast grows the fastest when.Some people can appear a breast grows faster than another, big, as a result of hormone inside body, progesterone or at ordinary times athletic posture is not standard Bring about breast two side development is not even.

What kind of treatment can this instrument do in addition to breast enhancement?

As you can see, this device has several different sizes of glass, and there are also metal-made cups.
What do their respective roles look like?
In addition to breast enhancement, this instrument can also be used as a body massage, muscle relaxation, and muscle relaxation due to prolonged standing. It allows the calf to be effectively shaped.
Another situation is that there are most office workers, that is, white-collar workers sitting in the office. They are sitting in the office for a long time, so that the body will be numb and sore. This instrument can effectively massage the nerves of the body and clear the meridians. Achieve pain relief.
Can I do physical medical care?
In addition to the main functions of this instrument, you can do beauty projects such as breast enhancement and hip lifting. It can also be used as conditioning and care for the body. Why do you say that? You can see that there is a glass that is as big as the water cup we drink. It is used to detoxify the body and remove moisture from the body. Back massage to promote blood circulation.
It is also a common Chinese medicine care method in China, called cupping.

As the picture:


I believe that many people have appeared, there will be long acne on the back, or they will be sleepy every day. I always want to sleep. These are because the cold in the body is relatively heavy. Use this instrument to remove moisture from the back and remove toxins from the body, which can effectively relieve the body fatigue. The situation of long acne.


In addition to these body cares, you can also have a lymphatic detoxification function on the neck, neck and neck of your body.
This is what we use for stainless metal fingertips. With the ball and the negative friction on the body slimming sculpture curve lymph disinfection, also can massage the face neck.


From the functions and functions I have mentioned above, you can know that this device is very suitable for beauty salons and family personal body care and breast enhancement instruments. It is also very suitable for body shaping beauty spa. Especially the beauty salon is an indispensable instrument, because this instrument can be combined with many nursing massage techniques in the beauty salon to design a lot of beauty regimen suitable for different customers.
The above is the function and usage of this newly upgraded instrument that I want to share here.

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