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How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings Arms?

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Toned, well-defined upper arms, who do not wanna get?
Speaking of bat wings, especially for girls, it is difficulty work,
once you have bat wings, it means that you have to say byebye to these beautiful clothes,
such as shirts with fitted sleeves, even make you feel self-conscious about wearing sleeveless tops.
The only way is to wear those really daunting big clothes to cover up the bat wings.


What Are Bat Wings On A Woman?

Bat wings are hidden under our arms, while we raise our hands, the bat wings will shake.
Mamma accessoria, as a common deformity of breast development in women,
it is often an underdeveloped tissue, most of which are like the breast of a baby,
or it only shows like a little darkened skin pigment.
There may be a little skin thickening in the center, similar to small nipples.


Many people confuse the bat wings on their arms with the mamma accessoria under their armpits.
They are different, so the corresponding fat reduce treatment is also different.
We must find out what is the problem before we do the treatment.

What Causes Bat Wings?


If your often hang down your arms naturally or lie on the table,
then the arm can easily form fat accumulation and muscle relaxation due to regular relaxation,
which is one of the main reasons for the bat wings caused

Besides, due to poor lymphatic circulation in the upper extremities,
more fat will be accumulated on the inner side of the forearm,
in addition to fat accumulation, it may also cause water retention in the inner position due to excessive fatigue,
forming swelling, which will increase the bat wings on the arm.

Finally, because we are always working on a PC for a long time,
often sit in the office over time, fat will accumulate in the arm either.

In addition, many people have the bad sitting posture, such as humpback, and hunching over,
the muscles are in a relaxed state for a long time, it is easy to form fat.


How Do You Get Rid Of Bat Wings Naturally?

The bat wings on the arm is different from the fat on other parts of the body.
It is very stubborn and must be eliminated through professional and targeted training.

1 Bat Wings Workout


Many people try to reduce the bat wings by enhancing the upper limb movement,
which is a less successful way.
The human body cannot lose a certain part of fat alone through exercise, which is a protective measure of the human body.
Otherwise, the thighs of the human body will become extremely slender due to the large amount of exercise,
and the abdomen will become particularly large due to the minimal amount of exercise.
But we found that the muscles of the legs are higher and tighter than the flabby abdomen.
In other words, through strength workout, we can make the loose muscles more compact,
make the overall dimension and volume smaller, and achieve the purpose of reducing the bat wings.

Safe and healthy
Relief stress
Contribute to sleep
Improve the immunity
To be more confident

Requires long time
Result can not be seen soon
Requires keep Diet, and exercise
Don not suitable for all people

2 Arms Massage


As we have mentioned before, the poor lymphatic circulation in the upper extremities will cause the bat wings,
If the bat wings is due to lymphatic disorders, the bat wings fat can be relieved by localized massage.
Targeted massage can change the localized water circulation and blood circulation,
improve the metabolism, and make the bat wings fat disappear quickly.

If you can cooperate with detoxification food, tea, and nutrition, and lymphatic drainage detox system such as foot massage,
infrared sauna blanket, air pressure suit, capsule, you can speed up the progress of weight loss.

Promote metabolism, detoxification
Prevention of disease
relaxation of body and mind

Requires long time
Cause skin problems
Risk of allergy, localized redness and swelling appear
Need professional massager

How Do You Lose Arm Fat In 3 Days?

If you wanna to lose bat wings in 3 days, you need to refer to the surgical treatment,
liposuction surgery is an effective way to lose arm fat soon.


Arm liposuction surgery is to open a small mouth in the armpit or elbow to suck out the fat on the back of the upper arm and the shoulder evenly.
The subcutaneous of the fat layer under the arm becomes thinner, and bat wings is naturally gone.

Targeted stubborn fat and cellulite treatment area.
Short treatment time.
Liposuction help body shape.
Less pain.

High cost
Invasion surgery, need recovery time.
Risk of operation infection, bleeding, fat embolism.
Postoperative skin scar, bumpy and uneven.

How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings Without Surgery?

Along with the classic electric negative pressure liposuction technology gradually mature,
liposuction without surgery technology gradually developed and improved,
some new non surgical liposuction technology has been shown.

1 Cavitation Lipo Fat Reduction

Ultrasonic cavitation is a kind of fat removal method
that uses the physicochemical effect of high-energy low-frequency ultrasound wave
to selectively destroy subcutaneous fat tissues to generate fat emulsions,
and then uses low negative pressure to draw them out of the body.


Ultrasonic cavitation has selective skin-bad fat cells and less damage to tissues such as blood vessels and nerves.

But ultrasonic liposuction needs to emulsify the fat first and then suck it out under negative pressure.
Treatment time is more

RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming

The principle of RF weight loss is to generate a high-frequency electric field between the two electrodes.
The fat cells are depolarized under the action of the high-frequency electric field,
and the adipose tissue clumps are broken into chyloids, which is convenient for suction under negative pressure.


Its advantage is that it can be set to different strengths according to the needs,
and it is suitable for degreasing surgery of various parts of the whole body.
In addition, due to the thermocoagulation effect of high-frequency electric field,
there is no bleeding during the operation.

However, the liposuction rate is slow, and the aspirated fat has been liquefied and destroyed,
so it cannot be used for fat transplantation, so it is not widely used clinically.

The Best Bat Wings Arms Treatment Recommended

Under normal circumstances, we will combine ultrasonic weight loss with RF weight loss,
negative pressure detoxification, and take their advantages to maximize the effect,
at the same time reduce the customer is frequency of use and save customer time.
For example, the 7602MAXSB instrument, which combines ultrasound, RF, negative pressure RF,
and lipo laser technology, can provide customers with a comfortable new weight loss experience.


How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bat Wings?

To get nicely sculpted arms in as little as fours weeks, do this routine every 3 days,
plus 30-45 minutes of cardio on most days and eat a healthy diet.

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