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How to dredge pores and prevent acne?

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Blockage of the pores is the main cause of acne to a certain extent because even if the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum, as long as it can be eliminated in time, it is only skin oil.
The acne appears to be suddenly appearing within a few days. In fact, it has been slowly developed after several months. Therefore, acne patients should learn to clear the pores, so as to prevent acne.

Serious remover

People who wear makeup often need to pay special attention here!
It is best to choose a skin-friendly cleansing lotion and gently massage in a circular motion. The nose is gently stroked from the outside, and the foundation from which the neck is removed is cleaned from the bottom up.
Wipe it off with a tissue or cotton pad until there is no foundation color on the tissue or cotton pad.
If you go out to dress up, you must carefully discharge makeup before going to bed at night, wash away the dust and makeup residue left on your face. let the skin stay clean and fresh.

Wash a face and Clean deeply

In order to prevent some of the oily ingredients of the make-up remover from remaining on the skin, be sure to wash it again with facial cleanser. Do not wash it properly, especially in the T area.


Exfoliation plays an important role in clearing the old dead skin in the pores and can effectively clear the pores.
After exfoliation, it is best to take a lotion or spray on skin to shrink pores and keep your skin hydrated.

Notice wash water temperature requirements

Most skin with blocked pores is oily. Therefore, it is recommended to use warm water when cleaning the face. Simply use the super heated water to expand the pores.On the contrary,you wash the dirt into the pores and take away the moisture of the skin. The cleanliness of cold water is too low to wash away the grease and dust left on the skin, so the temperature for face wash is important.

Water replenishment

Use moisturizing essence or moisturizing gel to prevent dry skin. Frequently use moisturizing mask. Once the skin's cuticle is full of moisture, it will make the pores appear fine because of the keratin swelling. At the same time, the skin is full of moisture to prevent abnormal oil. 

Adjust the skin's water and oil balance, you are not afraid of pores caused by oil! So you can prevent acne .
If you have any ways to prevent acne ,just leave a message told me , we can discuss .....
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