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How To Choose The Skin Rejuvenation Machine?

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There are two types of skin aging: Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Intrinsic skin aging is caused by internal factors, including the genes carried, and their physical condition. External skin aging is caused by external factors such as the sun's exposure, the environment in which it lives, and the way it lives.

We wanna return a youthful glow and improved tone for our skin, to improve the aging skin, to achieve deep skin rejuvenation, so we need to choose a skin rejuvenation machine suitable for your skin. How to choose a skin rejuvenation beauty machine? Then I will introduce several different types of skin rejuvenation machine for you to choose.


Hydro Dermabrasion Machine Hydro Dermabrasion Water Peeling Facial Machine


Hydro dermabrasion is now new and popular. It is a new technology in skin care. It uses a crystal head to contact the skin, uses a gentle way to absorb the skin, removes the horny skin and dead skin cells, and the water is transported through the water mill to the deeper layers of the skin. , to achieve a two-point effect of cleansing the skin, making the skin smoother and more even.

- Reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles
- Restores skin texture, glows fresh and healthy
- Improve facial pores
- Firming loose, aging skin
- Easy to operate, quick effect
- Enjoy at any time according to your own time
- Affordable skin care equipment

Hydro dermabrasion machine cost: $100~$350

Light Therapy Machine LED Light Photodynamic Facial Skin Care Rejuvenation Photon


Phototherapy or photobiomodulation (PBM) is rapidly becoming a popular form of treatment that can address a large number of skin health problems. To maximize the benefits of phototherapy, two factors, the wavelength and intensity of light energy, need to be considered. Phototherapy for facial care, using specific wavelengths in LED lights to relieve acne and inflammation, is the gospel of people who are prone to acne and sensitive skin, several treatments will achieve significant results, but for severe acne muscles, more It takes a few treatments to make the effect more obvious.

The light therapy device is a non-invasive beauty treatment with almost no downtime because it does not damage the surface of the skin. Light therapy machine is the use of different wavelengths of light to treat various skin problems, in order to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation, this light is gentle, unlike other laser machine, producing stimulating light, so it will be safer, reach better results.

Light therapy machine cost: $120~ $200

Radio Frequency Machine Multipolar RF Radio Frequency Facial Wrinkle Remove Machine


How does RF work to achieve skin rejuvenation? The main function of RF is to stimulate the regeneration of collagen. Because collagen is a natural anti-aging factor, collagen can restore the skin to its originality, delicate and smooth. But as we age, collagen will gradually lose, and the skin will lose its elasticity, causing it to sink. What is the feeling of treatment for RF skin rejuvenation? The machine is used to heat the skin to between 38 and 40 degrees by radio frequency. It feels like a hot massage, it can really feel the heat of the skin, and it is very comfortable. The RF machine stimulates collagen production in the problem area of your skin, make the skin more elastic and full.

- Non-invasive, relaxing, painless treatment
- Firm and tighten skin
- Quick and painless, Instant Visible results
- Stimulates collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid
- Even skin tones
- Remove fine lines, wrinkles
- Remove acne and acne scarring
- Improve skin laxity

Radio frequency machine cost: $150~ $500

High Frequency Machine High Frequency Facial Skin Spot Remover Beauty Equipment


The high-frequency facial system initiates the skin rejuvenation process, providing a safe and gentle oscillatory oxidation current with many benefits, increasing collagen and elastin production, promoting blood circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, removing dead skin cells, and helping to improve skin care. Product absorption. High-frequency currents cause cyclic shocks to treat aging or damaged skin, while also subtly heating the tissue to produce a firming skin effect. The high frequency current on the skin can also promote the healing of acne, skin damage, sagging skin and puffy eyes.

- Promote the healing of acne
- Reduce enlarged pores & blackheads
- Softening fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin
- Reduce eye puffiness
- Fade Dark Eye Circles
- Improve the appearance of cellulite

High frequency machine cost: $50~ $150

LED Photon Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Photon Facial&Neck Mask Skin Rejuvenation


LED Light Photon Therapy Mask uses a specific wavelength of light to provide 7 different light intensity outputs, efficiently release energy, effectively treat skin aging, improve fine lines, mottle pigmentation, promote collagen production, and reduce your skin tone. Reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. The seven colors of light represent seven different functional roles.

Advantage of different color:
Red light: It can whitening pale spot,tender skin and anti wrinkle,repair damaged skin,smooth the fine wrinkles,shrink pores, promote the regeneration of collagen. If your skin is also acne-prone, the red light modes will target your skin’s oil glands to reduce substances which can cause chronic acne.
Blue light: The blue LED lamp is popular because of its strong antibacterial effect. It can effectively kill the bacteria unique to acne without damaging the skin. It will not cause any dryness or peeling of the skin, no pain, no downtime, and it is very safe. , recovery time is faster.
Purple light:It has red and blue dual-band light. So it combines the two kinds of led therapy effect. Especially in the treatment of acne and acne mark has special good effect and repair effect.
Yellow light: Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function, assist digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.
Green light: balance and safety proposes, relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema
Green Blue light:Green Blue can sequential enhance cell energy, on the metabolism have a good role in promoting
White light: The white light of the LED photon therapy mask has the longest wavelength, so it penetrates into the skin deeply, accelerates the metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, tightens and regulates the skin, and improves the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

LED Mask cost: $50~ $120

Here are a few different types of skin rejuvenation devices, which can achieve better skin rejuvenation. You can choose the right instrument for your skin, or you can choose according to the price. If you don't know how to compare, you can visit our website mychway.com, there are more choices for you.

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