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How to choose the best microdermabrasion machine for you

  • Author: Sophia ChenDate:11-30-2020

With the improvement of our living standards, skin care has been paid more and more attention. The first step of skin care is to clean our skin completely, and incomplete cleaning will cause a series of skin problems. As this anti-aging program is considered one of the most invasive and results-oriented programs on the market today, the microdermabrasion facial care machine has become a very popular trend.

However, some people choose to go to the spa for facial care treatment, while others buy their own equipment to do their own facial treatment at home. If you want to learn some of the knowledge of microdermabrasion and learn how to choose the right personal microdermabrasion machine or find the best salon microdermabrasion machine, please go on to read!

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a solution to remove the outer layers of dead skin. It is essentially a non-surgical, facial rejuvenation and resurfacing technique. Diamond dermabrasion machine removes the layer of dead skin cells without any discomfort, no pain, no bleeding. Dermabrasion treatment improves the skin's ability to regenerate and improves the skin texture, and at the same time improves the cell tissue, reduces fine wrinkles, smooths shallow scars and other uneven skin on the epidermis so that the skin becomes smoother at the same time. Healthy and glowing skin will come out after the facial dermabrasion treatment.

How to choose the best microdermabrasion machine which is suitable for you?

The first thing is the type of exfoliation to use

Whether you need the machine to take care of your skin at home, or whether you need a professional facial care system as your business in a professional beauty spa. It is easy to choose from. We have a lot of choices after you decide the vacuum dermabrasion machine is for self-use or for beauty spa use. The first thing you need to do is decide which type of exfoliation to use. As we have already introduced, choose between crystal and diamond. The next thing you need to know is suction power - this should be one of the main focus of your shopping, as the reason that the dermabrasion treatment depends on the vacuum out the dead and loose skin cells. Therefore, read the details of the introduction of the diamond microdermabrasion machine carefully - the suction of the professional microdermabrasion salon machine should be 26-28 inches / Hg, while for the home microdermabrasion device - 16 inches / Hg is considered perfect. So, it's very simple - the bigger of the suction, the better the results.

The quality of the dermabrasion machine and the tips is the second important factor.

You are buying a facial peeling machine, so the peeling part needs to strong enough to meet the needs. You may want to invest more money to get more results. The premium diamond dermabrasion tip will bring you and your customers a better result and they last longer than the bad dermabrasion tips. Paying more money on high-quality dermabrasion diamond tips can actually save you money.

If your machine has good quality diamond tips and strong suction power, the results will definitely be great!

The third thing needs to consider is the microdermabrasion feedback and review.

The professional microdermabrasion machine you choose should be easy to operate and the supply company should provide very good customer service. Whether you are buying a home diamond dermabrasion machine or buying a professional dermabrasion machine for a beauty spa, you need to be easy to use. A beauty equipment company with a good customer service review is always a good choice.

The last thing that matters is to think carefully your needs.

For example, if you provide home dermabrasion treatment in the customer’s home, the dermabrasion machine should be portable and easy and simple to set up in minutes. If you offer a system of facial care treatment procedures, investing in a professional facial care machine with a range of popular programs would be wise. For example, a dermabrasion machine combines with ultrasonic skin scrubber and ultrasound therapy cold, hot hammer and high frequency, microcurrent.

These are the main issues to be considered when choosing a microdermabrasion machine. Have you learned how to choose the best microdermabrasion machine which is suitable for you? If you have any additional proposal, please join us to discuss.

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