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How to choose between ultrasonic cavitation And coolsculpting?

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The progress of the times is due to the development of technology, the innovation of technology, without the advancement of technology, people's living conditions will be stagnant. Every technological innovation of scientists will bring about a technological revolution. For example, in the field of beauty, more and more weight loss technologies are being applied, and they are still innovating. Not long ago, a customer asked me to say that he recently wanted to lose weight, because fat body really bothers him. Of course, he consulted many doctors and also know a lot of weight loss products. He wants to understand the difference between the two technologies that is ultrasonic cavitation and cool sculpting. Today, let me tell you what are they different from each other.

Their respective working principles:

Strong sound wave explosion fat head with collective strong wave head, strong sound wave of 40000hz may be emitted to human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction motion between fat cells. This may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. What’s more, Sound wave vibration may cause fierce impact of fat cells to make them be exploded instantaneously, reduce the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.


As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures,it uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat,When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling,they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduce the thickness of the fat layer.And the fat cells in treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat.


Time and effect of losing weight:

Ultrasonic cavitation therapy time:
When you using this weight-loss technology for treatment, it needs to determine the weight-loss cycle according to the degree of obesity of each person. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 3 months to use the ultrasonic fat-burning to lose weight, And 2 to 3 times a week. It takes more than 30 minutes for each treatment.

Coolsculpting therapy time:
Cooling sculpting weight loss, the recommendation is to do it once a week, each part of the treatment is about 25 to 40 minutes, may not see any effect in the first month, to continue treatment until the third month, the effect will be very Clearly obvious. Some people saw no effect after the first month of treatment and felt that this treatment was useless and wasted money. No, because the coolsculpting technology is through freeze fat cells, and then the frozen died cells are decomposition by the body's natural metabolism. So the process of decomposition is needed time-consuming.

Do they need something else to help them lose weight during treatment?

Ultrasound weight loss treatment requires gel because ultrasonic energy has large vibration energy. When using gel, it will not damage the skin, and it will be more comfortable and will not cause the user has bad comfortable.

Freezing weight loss requires the use of frozen gel because this requires the use of freezing technology to completely freeze the cells. In order to prevent frostbite on the skin surface, it is necessary to apply an anti-freeze cream on the skin surface.

Side effect

Ultrasound weight loss has almost no side effects because it is a non-invasive method of weight loss that does not cause any harm to the body. The only drawback is that some people can hear the tinnitus when they are doing treatment, but this is only different from person to person. But please be assured that even if you hear this sound, it will not affect your hearing.

Side effects of frozen weight loss methods:

1. At the beginning of treatment, Someone feels a little uncomfortable, because it will be a little cold, some people may even feel a little neuralgia, but this feeling will disappear quickly.
2. Some people will feel numb, and some people will have allergies, redness, and swelling of the skin, but these conditions are normal and will not have a great impact on the body.

Ok, this is the difference between the two technologies that I introduced to you today. If you want to know more information, please leave a message! Thank you!

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