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How Do You Get Rid of Puffiness Under Eyes?

  • Author: ada zhouDate:12-18-2019

If you are attractive by this topic, does it means you had ever been bothered by this self-invited and unwelcome guest for a short time or long period.
We know such an eye problem usually doesn't have a bearing on the situation of your health, bringing worse influence that it will to a certain extent that makes you look sodden and inactive. The worst situation here is the chronic puffy eyes means there's something wrong with your body situation as a symptom of some kidney and thyroid condition. Most of us occasionally find puffiness under the eyes or dark circles when wake up can think back to what you did the day before to figure out the causes in lifestyle, like working overtime late at night and excessive intake of salt. Apart from these subject factors, let's consider some objective elements, also known as unavoidable but solvable natural process.

What Cause Puffiness Under Eyes

Why does puffiness happen? Many things can contribute to eye puffiness, but the underlying cause has to do with fluid accumulation. For unknown reasons, fluid has collected around your eyes and the surrounding skin tissue. This tissue is among the thinnest in your body, so any swelling there is easy to see and hard to hide.


According to research, the muscles and tissues around the eyes become weaken and the support structure will lose which lead to accumulation of fluids easier than before. In addition, the fat layer, generally moving around the eye, forms a fluffy region below the eye as the connective tissue no longer has the strength to hold it in place. When the skin is out of elasticity, the effect is deteriorated.

Lack of sleep
Most people associate lack of sleep with dark under eye circles. But actually it can result in puffiness too. Lack of sleep doesn’t cause the bags and puffiness but makes them puffier and more noticeable.

Allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, is an allergic reaction to dust, dander and pollen. Day by day, month after month, hay fever can result in under eye puffiness. Besides, the process of allergic swelling and detumescence may loosen the skin and heighten the possibility of puffiness. In other cases, the puffiness under the eyes may occur around some people who may also have allergic reactions to soaps, cosmetics or hair dye.


Home Remedies for Puffiness

Puffiness under the eyes appears after waking up is the condition as common in older adults. If the puffiness is not accompanied by pain, redness and itchiness in or around the eyes just make yourself easy, and you can try the following methods to get rid of puffiness.

1. Spoons.
Put two spoons in very cold water for a few minutes then lie down and place the bowl of the spoons over your eyelids for 30-60 seconds; the sharp cold of the metal will revitalize your eyes.


2. Add another pillow, or lift up the head-end of your mattress slightly.
Lying flat overnight as you sleep is one of the most obvious causes of puffiness under the eyes. If sleeping with your head elevated clears up the condition, you'll understand it was caused by your sleeping posture and pooling of fluids beneath your eyes.

3. Have a healthy sleeping for seven to eight hours a night.
The second point is to sleep more if you don't get enough sleep. Adequate sleep will resolve the irritation of eyes even the inflammation causing by rubbing of the eye when you're tired in the morning and throughout the whole day.


4. Treat yourself for allergies with medications on the advice of the doctor.
If you have other symptoms like dry or watery eyes, nasal congestion, hives, sneezing or coughing. Exposure to allergens has been identified as a common cause of eye puffiness.

5. Consume less salt, especially in the hours immediately before sleeping.
As salt promotes fluid retention and eye bags generally signify redundant water in the fatty tissue under the eyes.

6. Tea bag.
The tannins found in tea are a mild diuretic. Chill a few freshly soaked bags in the refrigerator and then place them on each eye for five minutes.

7. Home remedy puffiness beauty device
This home remedy puffiness removal beauty device is a smart and easy carry tool for puffiness. It can help relieve eyes' fatigue by the hot of radio frequency generated, it can remove dyness and dark circles, reduce swelling and laufh fines, enhance skin glowing and shining, sweet beauty choice for home use

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