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How can we become beautiful

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How can we become beautiful

Beauty is the pursuit of every girl. There is a Chinese proverb: One white hide three ugliness. But how to make your skin become more white which is the annoyance of every girl. How to make yourself skin being whitening in a short time, or restore the previous white skin. let us explore how to make the skin whitening, look for all whitening methods that can make you white! In the past, people have many wrong ways in the process of whitening.

We often put skin beauty liquid and nutrient water on our hands, think the nutrient solution is applied directly to the skin of our face, and then the nutrient solution will be absorbed by the skin. Analysis showed that the skin nutrient solution fell on the hands directly and then apply to your face, but you don't have pat your cheek. In Fact, Your skin won't be able to absorb the nutrients the process of repairing the face, the nutrient solution will flow out, which is actually a waste. The correct way is to moisturize the cotton pad with a proper amount of firming water, then gently apply it to a clean face and neck, gently pat the skin, or Apply a hot towel to your face for a few minutes before you apply the mask. In order to open skin pores.In this way, the nutrient solution can be fully absorbed by the skin.

There are others use the bee protein milk powder mask, which is use a spoonful of skim milk powder, a spoonful of bees and a raw protein. Mix the milk powder with the bees, add the protein, mix well and then apply to the face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Such as the picture:
Be sure to choose to skim milk powder to avoid high-fat content in the milk powder and excessive nutrients in the skin. People who have used it and think the mask made with this formula shrinks pores and deepens the skin. Do not know if it is reasonable?

But now there are more scientific and effective way to introduce and output electrical stimulation of positive and negative ions through BIO technology, which promotes the opening of skin pores and the absorption of nutrients in beauty products. The technology has undergone many experiments and got some good results.

I've experienced this before, and it goes like this:
The first step of the beauty operation process: the beautician uses a water-oxygen pen, and uses a pressurized oxygen gas to simultaneously pass the sterile saline (physiological saline) and oxygen into the air pressure device to convert the granular water droplet into a very small molecular weight effect skin (5— 200 micron), tiny water droplets are sprayed in a spray pattern at a speed of 200 meters per second (ultrasonic wave) from a specially designed nozzle, which injects water and oxygen into the bottom layer of the human skin at a rapid speed to achieve acne, hemorrhoids, In addition to dark circles, eye bags, wrinkle skin rejuvenation, hair growth.

Second: BIO cell activation rod (plus special massage cream) By mimicking the human bioelectric current, the skin enters the muscle cells to stimulate the energy ATP contained in the cells, allowing the cells to resume normal operation and function, shaping the facial contour, face-lifting, and reducing the double chin. , to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and so on.

Third: lymphatic drainage therapy device, through the attraction, the lymphatics and blood circulation are smooth, and foreign bodies and toxins are discharged.

Fourth: wipe the face - take a moisturizer

Fifth: the spray gun, through the needle-free pressure oxygen injection, pure oxygen and special beauty liquid into the basal layer of the epidermis, strengthen the cells, increase their resistance, make the waste easy to discharge, promote metabolism, treatment and improve caused by lack of oxygen Skin problems such as dull skin, wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation.
Sixth: oxygen injection meter, using oxygen and active concentrated ingredients to do skin pure oxygen massage, treatment of various pruritus, sensitive skin, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, acne skin, solar syndrome.

Seventh: apply the film

Eighth: use oxygen mask, the role is to improve skin cell activation, delay cell aging, improve blood circulation and metabolism, tighten skin, wrinkle, improve pigmentation, whiten skin, improve acne, balance oil Secretion and improvement of sensitive skin
The experience cost me more than 500 yuan.

If you're having trouble whitening your skin right now, you can try it. if you want to buy beauty equipment you can feel free to ask me. I can solve these problems for you
On the other hand, if you have whitening respect to do not know a place?welcome to inquire me?Of course, Welcome the friend that has done hairdressing project to share experience.Let's be beautiful together.


How can we become beautiful

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