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How Can I Permanently Remove Pubic Hair?

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Hi everyone, it is time to see you again. Today, I would like to introduce three methods for removing pubic hair permanently. I understand that pubic hair is a big annoyance for some women. In order to solve this trouble, we will try various ways to get rid of pubic hair, such as razors, hair removal strips, hair removal liquid and so on. But the pubic hair will still grow over time. We want to get rid of pubic hair permanently.


In fact, in order to permanently remove the pubic hair, a laser is needed. The 808nm laserdescribed below are one kind of laser, which can permanently remove the pubic hair but have some difference. So I regard it as three methods.

First of all, I want to explain to you the principles of these three technologies, which is why they can achieve permanent removal of pubic hair.

How Does 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Permanently?

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal-its working principle is based on selective thermodynamics. Through the microprocessor control laser power supply to provide adjustable constant current for the laser module, the high-power laser diode inside the laser module converts electrical energy into light energy, and output Continuous laser with a wavelength of 808nm. The effective penetration depth of 808nm can reach the target tissue (hair nipple). The appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue produces sufficient thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected, thereby causing the hair to fall off and lose the regenerative capacity for permanent hair removal.

How Does OPT SHR Hair Removal?

The OPT SHR Hair Removal technology is a selective photothermolysis principle using a patented strong pulsed light source. The melanocytes in the hair follicle are used to absorb light in a specific wavelength band so that the hair follicle generates heat and selectively destroys the hair follicle.

How Does SHR Laser Hair Removal?

The light energy of 650-950nm of SHR Laser Hair Removal machine directly acts on the hair follicle of the skin. The melanin in the hair shaft can absorb the energy of light to the utmost extent, and the light energy is converted into heat energy. The heat of the hair shaft is used to decompose the melanin in the nipple and solidify the nipple. Destroy the growth environment of the hair to achieve permanent hair removal.

After reading the principles of 808NM, OPT and SHR, I believe that you are all aware of how the three lasers achieve permanent pubic hair removal. But I believe that you will also pay attention to other related problems of the three types of laser pubic hair, such as price, precautions, or treatment. So below, I will answer the relevant questions for you.


How Much Does Treatment Cost by 808NM, OPT And SHR?

Generally speaking, 808nm Diode Laser semiconductor hair removal is around 80usd to 483usd, because the environment of each hospital is different from the equipment, so its charging situation is relatively fluctuating.

OPT SHR hair removal price is generally between 483usd-2903usd.

SHR Laser hair removal price is generally between 161usd-1290usd.

If Pubic Hair Removal Can Be Removed Permanently?

Because hair growth has to go through three stages: a growth phase, regression period and rest period. During the growth period, there is melanin in the hair follicle, and the laser can destroy the hair follicle in this period; the melanin in the hair follicle is less in the degenerative period, and the laser damage to the hair follicle is weaker; there is no melanin in the hair follicle during the rest period, the laser has no effect on it, laser hair removal Only the hair that has been transformed into the growing period of hair during the period of retreat and rest can be removed to achieve permanent hair removal, so hair removal should be carried out several times.

Generally, hair removal should be removed at least 3 times to be clean. In the late 2-3 years, very fine fluff may grow, which will not affect the appearance.

Aftercare after Laser Pubic Hair Removal

- Do not pluck the hair, hair removal cream or electrolytic hair removal for two weeks before treatment.
- Avoid chemical or mechanical irritation two days before and after treatment;
- Two weeks before and after treatment, disable interventional therapy such as a filling or other injections.
- Pay attention to sun protection one month before treatment.
- There is a papule reaction in thick, thick hair, which is normal.
- Do not take a hot bath, sauna or steam within 24 hours of hair removal.

If Treatment is Painful?

Laser hair removal device uses a skin cooling system, which has a cool feeling when treated. The skin can be cooled to 0-5 degrees. It is a true painless permanent hair removal techniques.


In this article, I have introduced three methods for permanently removing pubic hair, and introduced the principles of three techniques to pubic hair and some related issues in detail, hoping to help you in reading this blog.

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