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Hot Sale FIR Far Infrared Lymph Drainage Body Slimming Sauna Blanket

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Far infrared lymph drainage body slimming sauna blanket is popular in Salon and family. Today we will introduce a hot sale model WL-KYDB020.

The Principle Of Far Infrared Blanket

Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deeply, and when it acts on the body, the body can absorb the FIR. When the FIR penetrates the skin into the subcutaneous tissue, it is converted into heat by light energy. The deep thermal effects of the tissue cause blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, promote blood circulation, and generate heat, helping toxins and metabolic wastes to escape through the sweat. The heat energy effect also contributes to the decomposition of fat, thereby achieving the effect of slimming and losing weight.

The Features Of Far Infrared Blanket Model WL-KYDB020

1.Three zones Infrared output with independent control in temperature.
2.The Maximum Temperature up to 80℃.
3. Exclusive heat releases with 9~16um infrared rays.
4. Outside are top grade PU material, inside are waterproof  PVC.
5.Long and wide cover design, which is suitable for most customers.


The Functions Of Far Infrared Blanket Model WL-KYDB020

1.Body shaping slimming
2.Speed up metabolism
3.Lymphatic detoxification
4.body health care


1. Is there any side effects?
The client might overheat or dehydration, if do not use the Sauna blanket correctly. We suggest drinking a cup of water before and after the treatment. If you feel thirsty during the treatment, please drink some water. Please wear cotton clothes to avoid burn skin, please set a comfortable temperature during the treatment.

2. How many treatment time do I need?
We suggest 45-60mins per time, 2-3 times per week.

3. How to clean the blanket?
Please use the soft waterless towel to clean the blanket after usage, avoid using strong and sharp cleaner.

4.Persons who are forbidden
The person who has skin diseases,such as scald and reddening, The person with heart defibrillators or other implantable devices,The person who has heart disease, The person who has skeletal fragility or damage in his bone,especially the bone of back,The person who do not feel well or is being treated, The person who just has a surgery, The person who has osteoporosis, The person whose has high blood pressure, The pregnant women, The person who has a headache.

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