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Home Use Vacuum Suction Lymphatic Drainage Massage Device

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Modern people use computers and mobile phones at a high frequency. This habit can easily cause fatigue in the shoulder spine. Seriously, there may be shoulder inflammation and spinal disease. Is there a product that can alleviate this discomfort? Today we recommend a Vacuum suction lymphatic drainage massage device. Model:BE-AYM18V

Features of the model:BE-AYM18V:

1. There are 3 replacement heads that can be applied to different body parts.
2. There are 5 levels to choose from, which can choose the most comfortable level according to the customer's ability to withstand.
3. Rechargeable, can be used multiple times, can be used at home and office


Vacuum Suction Lymphatic Drainage Treatment:

1. Massage the body with body massage oil, about 3-5min
2. Select a suitable replacement head according to the treatment area. The large replacement head acts on the back, thigh, waist, medium replacement head on the shoulder and arm, and the small replacement head acts on the neck and arm.
3. Set the energy level, from low to high, with 5 levels to choose, according to the customer's ability to withstand, choose the most comfortable strength.
4. Keep the massage head close to the skin, and suck, slowly move the massage head back and forth 3-4 times in the treatment area, the recommended treatment time is about 30 minutes.

The Function of Vacuum Suction

1. Improve complexion, dispelling cold, accelerate blood circulation and keep healthy;
2. Clearing and activating the channels and collateral, expelling of toxin;
3. Slimming and remove fat, combine with essence, it can help absorption;
4. Care skin and body, slimming and relaxing.


1. Is there any side effect?
Your skin will turn red, this is a normal phenomenon and usually disappears within 2-3 days.
2. How often Can I keep the treatment
We recommend 30min per treatment, one treatment per week.
3. Which kind of people do not suggest vacuum suction treatment
People have Very recent scar tissue, Varicose veins, Thyroid disease, Thrombosis and phlebitis, Infectious skin conditions do not suggest the treatment.

Want to know more Vacuum Suction Lymphatic Drainage machines, feel free to contact with us.

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