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High Frequency For Acne Treatment

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What are the hazards that acne can cause? When it comes to hemorrhoids, everyone should not be too strange. It is a very common skin disease. After the occurrence of acne, everyone should pay attention to it as soon as possible, but now many people do not pay special attention to acne After discovering the condition, it is good to apply for some medicine at will. This is very bad. Let's talk about the harm caused by acne. I hope everyone can pay attention to it.

Because acne often occurs on the face, it has a great influence on the image. If the patient is not treated scientifically, there may be acne pits, acne scars, and acne scars on the face. There will be great damage, and some patients will become so isolated and inferior, which will be very harmful to mental health.

If acne is not treated in time, it will be very harmful to skin health. Some patients do not pay special attention to the early stage of hemorrhoids. As a result, the disease continues to develop, causing several serious diseases such as polymeric acne, necrotizing acne, and fulminant hemorrhoids. The occurrence of acne causes large patches of nodules, cysts, abscesses and hard palate on the skin, and some are accompanied by systemic symptoms, which are difficult to treat and make the patient miserable.
So here we will recommend to you how high frequency acne facial machine deal with acne.


What Is The High Frequency Facial Treatment?

The high frequency facial machine is also called a high-frequency electrotherapy device. High frequency facial care is used by professionals to help treat and prevent intractable acne, shrink pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dilute eye puffiness, dilute dark circles, restore scalp condition and nourish skincare. Hair follicles make hair grow healthier.

How Does The High Frequency Machine Do?

The professional esthetician Kerry Benjamin says high frequency machine generates oxygen, kills bacteria, and calms inflamed skin for the high-frequency home facial of your dreams. High Frequency is mainly composed of a high-frequency oscillating circuit, a capacitor resistor, and a semiconductor device. It also comes with an insulated handle and a glass rod that can be inserted into the electrode. Under the action of the high-frequency oscillating circuit board, continuous high-voltage and high-frequency currents are generated, causing the glass electrode to generate discharge phenomena and ultraviolet rays, and the skin is stimulated by current, and the local end of the slight blood vessels alternately shrink and expand, and the electric spark ionizes the air. Oxygen produces ozone, which improves blood circulation, disinfection, and anti-inflammatory effects.

In the high-frequency facial treatment of aging skin, in addition to subtle tissue warming, high-frequency currents tighten the skin and skin by immediately circulating the skin toward the skin. These functions result in a very safe and natural contraction of potential blood vessels and tiny muscle groups. The expansion of the blood vessels below promotes the toxins, while the cells enjoy a feast of increased nutrients and moisturization. This result is an increase in blood circulation and cell turnover and an increase in the production levels of collagen and elastin, which softens and smoothes wrinkles, reduces pore size and improves overall skin texture. The application of high-frequency currents on the skin also promotes natural cleansing and antibacterial action, helps treat existing acne, and prevents the onset of new acne. Patients experiencing cystic acne will benefit from high-frequency deep penetration bactericidal effects.


What Are The High Frequency Facial Benefits?

1. Inhibit the growth of bacteria. When the glass electrode is energized, it can produce ultraviolet sterilizing function, change the function of the cell membrane, inhibit bacterial activity, and make the bacteria lose the ability to multiply and grow, thereby inhibiting the occurrence and development of inflammation and inhibiting the formation and development of acne.
2. Anti-inflammatory effects. The impressed current generated by the high-frequency electrotherapy device can prevent the inflammatory medium from binding to the receptor, causing the end of the capillary to contract, thereby inhibiting the occurrence and development of inflammation.
3. Promote the absorption of antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs.
4. Improvements in acne, reducing enlarged pores and blackheads.
5. Softens fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin reduces eye puffiness
6. Fading of dark circles, improvement of the appearance of cellulite

High Frequency Facial Treatment Cautions

1. The detergent and surface must be cleaned and disinfected before use.
2. After each use, remove the power supply and remove the cleaning and disinfection.
3. Do not puncture when using, and avoid burns on the leather only during the recommended time.
4. If you can't remove the spots during one use, please don't use them again.Until the scars fall off.
5. It is recommended to remove no more than 5 spots in one use.
6. After use, it is recommended that customers do not wet the operation surface within 22 hours, do not eat ginger and dark things.
7. Do not tear off the crusting, you must let it fall off to avoid infection.
And scars.
8. Do not expose to the sun for a month.

High Frequency Facial Before And After

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