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High frequency Facial Treatment

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The Principle Of High Frequency Facial

The high frequency facial machine is used with a high frequency electrode, the high frequency electrode is made of transparent tempered glass, and the tempered glass tube contains an inert gas (usually Neon or Argon), and the glass tube has various shapes and sizes to fit the face and Various contour features of the body. When the high frequency electrode is connected to the high frequency handheld device, the motor produces a mild alternating current that passes through the connected glass electrode when the electrode is in contact with the skin. This contact ignites the inert gas. In other words, when mixed with the air outside the electrode, the current will inject vital oxygen molecules into the skin, and you will feel vibration or tingling. This stimulation is beneficial to blood circulation, cell renewal, collagen increase, and fineness. The pattern helps to treat existing acne and prevent the onset of new acne.

The Function Of High Frequency Treatment

1.skin tightening lifting: the high frequency can improve cell metabolism and promote skin immunization, reduce wrinkle and tighten skin.

2. Reduce and healing acne: the high frequency device can convert oxygen from the air to ozone via the glass electrode tube, result in anti acne treatment and promoting acne healing

3.Hair Growth Treatment: High frequency uses gentle electrical current to promote healthier scalp conditions and improve hair growth. The push action helps to greatly maximize the effectiveness of one's hair growth treatment products.

How To Use the High Frequency Device

1.Prepare the skin for treatment-remove the makeup, clean and dry the skin

2. Apply a tiny bit of baby powder to the face for the electrode to glide smoothly.

3. Choose a suitable electrode. For example the mushroom electrode for a general massage.

4. Do the massage for 10 min, gliding the probe over the face, from the bottom to top.

5. Apply skin care product or facial mask to complete the treatment.


Treatment Time

We suggest using the high frequency device for 10-15 sessions of up to 15 minutes every day or every other day, with 2-week breaks after a series of treatments.

The Difference Between Orange and Violet Electrodes

The orange high frequency electrodes, the gas in the grass tube is Neon, it is for treating aging skin, Scalp and hair.
The violet high frequency electrodes, the gas in the grass tube is Argon, it is for treating acne, scalp and hair.

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