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Having a perfect body shape is not a dream!

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S-Shape is a comprehensive management beauty salon equipment. Last time I experience the treatment on face, this time I try the body contouring. Since i get a swimming rings around the abdomen and waist, also have a fat arm and thigh. A distressing body shape. I hope S-Shape can help me.

Before the treatment ,our beautician introduced procedure to me. firstly, soften the cells with RF, then blast the fat cells with 40K cavitation, lastly use vacuum to remove the toxins. So that achieve slimming the body and detoxification.

We start from the back! the beautician apply massage oils on my back and do massage for me about 5 minutes, then start to do the body treatment after massage finished.
The first head for the body does like the picture as below:


It is also based on the body meridian to push the handle. When doing this handle, the ear will have a little tinnitus, but it is not very strong and acceptable. (Because the beautician says that 40K cavitation can't do the back where close to the heart, so this head cavitation just does Use on abdomen/arm/leg. So i do only the RF function with this head for my back). Rf has the temperature, but it doesn't feel very hot, because I tried it like that If Put it in the same place of your body and don't move, the temperature will be high, but if the handle is always moving, the temperature will not be very high. This can be assured. I did it with rf and cavitaion and the photon function at one time, it took about 20 minutes to do this. Then use the second head to do the body, the second head is the picture below:


There are rf, vacuum, red light on the head when I do it, all the functions are done together, because it can save time, after all, I have to go to work (smiling cry expression). When doing negative pressure, it will be a little painful, same like someone grab your meat in hands and pull it out. The beautician said if you are blocked by the meridian, it will be a little painful to do detoxification . And after doing it, there was a red mark/bruises on the back.The beautician said it is the phenomenon of toxins or moisture released.

The treatment was done with two handles and it took about 40-50 minutes.
Finally, the beautician specifically said that: after the detoxification, you can not take a bath within 8 hours. I asked why. She said all your pores are open during treatment, and if you shower now, you can get moisture and cold into your body and damage your body. And drink more water.

Ok, that's the first time I did my body.
If there is anything you want to know, you can leave a message and tell me. . . .
(Gossip: Our company intends to send me a course of treatment, that mean i will do the treatment with this machine of 4 times, once a week, do you expect my results? Leave a message!!! I will continue to update, xixixi )

Life only once, must be beautiful!
Hello everyone ,this is Cocota ,I am 30 years old .I like food, reading ,travel and so on. Also I am a salegirl for beauty machine of about 4 years experience. My wish is to sell our machine to every corner of the world, make the beauty machine popular, everyone can afford it and use it, and through it to get a better themselves.
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