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Get The Best Easy Therapy To Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation

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Get The Best Easy Therapy To Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation

Tiantian is a girl who has a lot of hairs on the body, her skin is dry and sensitive, and the body is blacker than the face. She tried many solution to removal hair, whiten body skin.

No-Effect Hair Removal Products

Scrape and hair removal cream. When we were freshman, we live in same dormitory, I found she need to use the razor to scrape the hair from arm, leg, but after 2-3 days, the black hair appear again, and even looks more black and thick. So she changed to the hair removal cream, this was very pain although i never used this, but when i saw Tiantian to use this, the scene is very cruel. You can see the the hair be bending, thinning and disconnected from the surface, then skin got a red rash after took off the hair removal cream. Because her skin is very sensitive, always will need 3-4 days to restore from the red rash. But the result also was not effective, the hair grows in 2 days for the hair only removed from the surface not the root.

Find And Operate IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices

When we sophomore, her friend recommend she to use the portable epilator IPL hair removing machine. So she bought one, this one is rechargeable and with 30000 shots, with IPL laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation function.

First put the warm towel on the treatment area to open the pores, then applied some hair removal gel on the skin, use the hair removal device perpendicular to the hair removal area, operated on the treatment area follow the skin texture, each do treatment by 3-5 times. She set up the energy for 3-4 when did treatment for arms, legs, but set up for 2 when do on face. She said she feel a little warm by the light, but it is not pain. But need to scrape the hair first if the treatment hair is long, if not, the IPL laser light will burn the hair, and treatment area be red and getting hurt.

Hair Removal Product Result

Used the hair removal skin care beauty device for 2 months, Tiantian hairs have been reduced a lot, although the hair will grow again, but became tiny a lot and grow slow, also the skin became smoother and whitening. Now, Tiantian is getting confident to wear the favorite beautiful cloths, but she also will use the IPL light treatment laser machine again to consolidate the result for 2-3 months.


IPL Laser Sytem

I am very happy to see Tiantian got a good result by the IPL laser hair removal system, i get some information from network about the principle for hair removal treatment: the Intense pulse laser light can penetrate the epidermis to work on the hair follicle melanin, absorbing heating to destroy the hair follicle structure, let the hair grow slow and getting tiny, this is the non-invasive technology, but after hair removal therapy, can not do cleaning or sunbathe immediately.

After writing Tiantian’s story, looking at my hairy hand, i decide to buy a IPL laser hair removal at home. How do you removal hair ?

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