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Most Frequently Asked Questions From Tattoo Removal Users

  • Author: Yvonne XuDate:11-23-2020

Nowadays, many people in society have tattoos on their bodies. Tattoos are also called sashimi. It is a way to record on the body! Many people are used to commemorating some meaningful festivals or other people's names, and some people want to print their favorite patterns or logos on their bodies!
But “they’re not like magic erasers,” as dermatologist Amy Wechsler M.D., —there’s more to it than you may think. There are a lot of people who want to wash it off after a tattoo or want to have a new tattoo. Tattoos take a long time, take longer to wash off the tattoo, and it takes a lot of courage to wash the tattoo.
Regarding Laser Tattoo Removal I think there should be a lot of problems for many people who go to a tattoo for the first time. Here we list some most frequently asked questions from tattoo Removal Users


1. How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

The specific price of laser tattoo removal varies greatly depending on the region, the hospital you are visiting, and the equipment used. Under normal circumstances, it is a single charge by area. Each time the charge is between $15-30 per square centimeter, each charge is decremented in turn, such as the first charge of $200, the second charge is 80% of the first charge is $160, the third is the first The second 80% is $128, and the fourth is also the third 80%. After the fifth time, the fee is charged at a fixed price, and the price is very low.

The price of laser tattooing is generally between $600 and $2000. The reason why the price gap is so large is affected by many aspects. First of all, it has something to do with the area of tattooing. The larger the area of the tattoo, the higher the cost of washing the tattoo.

The price of tattoo washing is also related to the number of times of tattooing. Some people may not remove the tattoo once and need to perform multiple laser cleanings. The more times the washing is done, the more the price of tattooing.

The hospital is also one of the factors affecting tattoo washing. It is recommended to wash the tattoo in a regular hospital. The cost and safety will be guaranteed. It is not recommended to go to some small clinics. Their fees are not transparent, and the charges are higher than the hospital, and they are safe. Not guaranteed.

2. Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The tattoo is removed by a certain technical means to remove the original pattern on the body. Nowadays, the laser washing method is commonly used. Laser-washing tattoos use lasers to smoothly enter the lesions. The dyes are vaporized and pulverized during treatment, and the color of the tattoos fades.
The pain of laser tattooing is very small. The effect of laser tattoo removal is related to many factors. The tattoo can be removed by laser. The pain caused by laser tattooing is completely affordable. Laser tattooing is the use of pigmented skin. A permanent artificial pigmentation spot is formed to decorate and beautify the skin.

3. How Long Will It Take To Remove My Tattoo?

Time will be related to the position of the tattoo, the depth and color and quality of the color used, as well as the personal physique.

Everyone's tattoos are different, and there are many factors in the relationship. You must first understand the specific situation of your tattoo before you can answer you exactly. As far as the current technology is concerned, Q-Switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser is the safest and most reliable method. To do laser-washing tattoos, you must find a lot of experience in washing tattoos and have a thorough understanding of tattoos and tattoos. Only advanced equipment, rich experience in washing and tattooing, and reasonable operation to wash the tattoo can not be left behind. Tattooing is the most effective according to the different depths of the tattoo, different color types, and different color materials. Everyone has different tattoo conditions, cleaning time, cleaning times, and cleaning effects are not the same.

Most patients need five to eight treatments. Some patients will be completely excised in three or four treatments. Others may need 10 or more treatments if they have visible scars or layered tattoos. We recommend that patients be told where they might be on the bell curve based on the unique features of the tattoo.


4. How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal use lasers to smoothly enter the lesions. The dyes are vaporized and pulverized during treatment, and the color of the tattoos fades. In general, the effect of a shallow wash tattoo is obvious or even eliminated, but most of them usually require multiple treatments. Lasers of different colors are absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the laser energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the dye particles, and the blood vessels are closed, and then the body absorbs the dye particles to exclude them, and the pigment disappears. Since the laser of a certain wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color. Only the diseased cells absorb a specific laser and can control the depth of the skin reached by the laser. Adjustable pulses can minimize skin damage.

5. What Are Tattoo Removal Benefits?

1. Laser-removed tattoos can be selectively operated with lasers of different wavelengths to protect the skin from damage.
2. Laser-removed tattoos can remove large, heavy-colored patterns.
3. Removing the tattoo does not require local anesthesia, which is another benefit of laser surgery and other scar removal surgery.
4. The most significant advantage is that the laser-washed tattoo does not require knife cutting or abrasion, and in most cases, the tattoo will not leave visible scars.

6. Will I Leave A Scar After Laser Removing Tattoo?

Tattoo removal laser machine do not require knife cutting or abrasion, and in most cases, the tattoo will not leave visible scars. Since the normal tissue does not absorb the 1064 nm laser, the cell frame is intact and there is no scar formation. Also, the subject needs to pay attention to postoperative care after washing the tattoo.

7. Are There Laser Tattoo Removal Risks?

1. Longer time: In general, shallow tingling treatment can receive obvious treatment or even complete fading at one time, but for deeper tingling parts, one treatment is difficult to eliminate, and usually requires multiple treatments.
2. Higher costs: imported laser equipment is expensive, so the price of tattoos is also higher.
3. Removing colored tattoos is harder than monochrome tattooing. The dye used in tattooing also affects the difficulty of tattooing. Monochrome tattoos are relatively easy to wash, while color tattoos such as blue and green are difficult to wash.

In this article, we just listed some common questions for users. If you have any doubts or better opinions about going to tattoo, please feel free to share with us.

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