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FAQs About Hair Removal Machine

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Women are pleasing to the self, and nowadays women will make themselves more attractive with hair removal, and hair removal is becoming more and more popular. Since the 20th century, the more women wear their bodies, the more they are exposed to swimwear, office clothes and even dresses. The body hair is considered to be unsightly, so women need to take off their hair, such as legs, underarms and other places. Human society cultures or removes body hair in different orientations based on culture and becomes a social norm.


With the rise of the laser hair removal, especially permanent hair removal for women, the public's doubts about the hair removal machine for women is growing , so today let us discuss these common problems together!

Types of Hair Removal Treatment

In terms of the timeliness of hair removal, we roughly divide hair removal into two types, permanent hair removal and temporary hair removal.

Temporary Hair Removal

Temporary hair removal is to temporarily remove the hair by using a depilatory agent or a depilatory wax, but new hair will grow soon. The depilatory agent includes a depilatory liquid, a depilatory cream, a depilatory cream, and the like, and contains a chemical component capable of dissolving the hair, solubilizing the hair shaft to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is the use of hair removal laser to generate ultra-high frequency oscillation signals, forming an electrostatic field, acting on the hair, destroying the hair follicles, removing the hair, and no longer growing new hair, achieving permanent hair removal.

Permanent Hair Removal Types

Laser Hair Removal
Laser is used to emit a laser of a certain wavelength, penetrate the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle, and act on the root of the hair follicle to absorb energy and be destroyed. It is selectively absorbed by melanin, and the damaged hair follicle root causes the hair to fall off due to tissue shrinkage and cannot regenerate the long hair. Laser hair removal is only effective for hair growth-rich hair growth, but not for hair that is in the period of retreat or rest. Because the laser penetrates the skin, it is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles, which produces a photothermal effect, completely destroying the hair bulbs and stem cells, thereby coagulating and necrosis of the hair follicles, and achieving the final effect of hair loss.

The following 808nm Diode Laser machine apply laser technology to achieve hair removal. Its 808 nm wavelength, which can stimulate the skin and the lower layer, the destruction of the hair follicle tissue, so that the subcutaneous tissue by the giant heat wipe out all the tissues. Apply to remove hair on different part of body effectively. Such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair,hair line, bikini line, body hair and other unwanted hair.


Best Professional IPL Machine for Hair Removal

The Best Professional IPL Machine for Hair Removal is a color light with a wavelength from 475 to 1200 nm, and combines various therapeutic effects. The hair removal effect is longer lasting than the traditional hair removal method. At the same time as hair removal, the skin can be relatively better. Ipl is an abbreviation of strong pulsed light. IPL hair removal can penetrate the epidermis, is absorbed by the hair follicle in the dermis, generates heat energy, destroys the hair follicle, and removes the photon to obtain permanent hair removal effect. At the same time, it can produce chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer, and promote skin collagen regeneration and rearrangement.


SHR Hair Removal

Smoothcool SHR Hair Removal is based on the theory of selective photothermal action. The hair follicles and hair shaft are rich in melanin, which is distributed between the cells of the hair bulb matrix and can also be transferred to the structure of the hair shaft (such as the medulla, cortex and hairskin). Smoothcool HR delivers precise and selective hair removal treatment with melanin as a target. After the absorption of the energy of the Smoothcool HR, the melanin rises sharply, causing damage to the surrounding hair follicle tissue and removing the hair.


E light Hair Removal

E light Hair Removal is an intelligent, non-exfoliating skin reconstruction system that combines epidermal cooling technology, intense pulsed light therapy technology and RF radio frequency technology. E-light combines the above three technologies intelligently to give targeted treatment solutions for different skin types and different skin problems of patients. Under the premise of full protection of the epidermis, the IPL technology of HONKON can be used to uniquely lyse the epidermis and the spot-like pigment in the dermis, and the intelligent combination (IPL+RF) allows the above two energies to maximize the focus on the collagen of the dermis. Tissue and hair follicles of the hair follicles. RF technology provides a uniform heating of almost the entire skin layer, the selective photothermal principle of IPL can enhance the skin rejuvenation, ecchymosis and hair removal, and easily achieve skin remodeling without significant pain and side effects.


The following machine is a depilation instrument with E-light and SHR dual machines.E-light - uses IPL and RF two-stage radio frequency technology to act on the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulating different depths of collagen, rearranging and growing, so as to achieve therapeutic effects, dual-stage radio frequency release energy at the same time, using the skin to Selective absorption of light energy causes various lesions in the epidermis and dermis to produce photopyrogenic effects.SHR - professional 610nm-950nm hair removal wavelength effective penetration depth can reach the hair papilla, continuous light guarantees that the target tissue generates enough heat to inactivate the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells, hair follicle shrink hair stop growing.


What Is The Difference Between IPL, OPT, SHR?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) and OPT light--strong pulsed light, the emergence of OPT is a leap in the development of intense pulsed light, not only greatly improved efficacy, but also greatly improved safety. However, compared with IPL and OPT, SHR (using flat-top square wave technology): energy + pulse width + pulse waveform, truly makes the whole pulse energy output uniform and uniform, greatly improving the safety and effectiveness of treatment.


Is IPL Hair Removal Better Than Laser Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal is not only the application of selective photothermolysis principle, but also the breakthrough use of thermal energy treatment, the effect is good. Because IPL hair removal is multi-wavelength, it can be selectively removed for different parts and different shades of hair; lasers often have only one wavelength, effective penetration is limited, and can only be treated for one type of skin, while The type of skin effect is limited, and all hair removal lasers are Class IV lasers, which are dangerous for human eyes and soft tissues.


Which Season is More Suitable For Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

Compared with summer, the ultraviolet radiation in winter is weaker, which is more suitable for IPL photorejuvenation. If the UV rays are too strong, it is easy to damage the skin after treatment, especially after exposure. Skin regenerative treatment is not recommended. If the patient is allergic to light or has inflammation, IPL skin treatment is not recommended.

How Long Can Get Results After Laser Hair Removal?

The reason why laser hair removal is called permanent hair removal is because the hair does not re-grow in the case of stable hormone levels for a long time after treatment. For example: super-ice hair removal, hair is not particularly strong, according to the treatment of 3-5 times can basically achieve a permanent effect, even in the later period of regrowth, it is at most some sparse light-colored fluff, basically does not affect anything.

Who Are Suitable For Hair Removal?

1. Hairy symptoms caused by excessive secretion of androgen due to disorder of the endocrine system.
2. A hirsutism due to genetic or ethnic causes.
3. IPL photon hair removal is suitable for any skin tone.
4. Recently did not receive sun exposure or tanned skin.
5. People over the age of 18, their own scar-free body.

Who Are Not Suitable For Hair Removal?

1. local or systemic inflammation, immune system defects, abnormal blood coagulation.
2. Photoallergy, using aspirin or antioxidants.
3. mentally unhealthy and pregnant women and menstrual women, people with various infectious skin diseases are not suitable.

May some of you have different ideas and opinions about hair removal, welcome you all to talk with us!

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