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Fat Freezing Machine

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What is a frozen weight loss device?

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What is frozen fat to lose weight? How does it work?

The frozen fat weight loss method is a safe and efficient new technique for removing local fat by selective non-invasive techniques. It combines vacuum adsorption technology, uses a frozen sensor probe to locate selected fat cells, and accurately locates subcutaneous tissue fat cells for cooling and freezing. Since the freezing technique has the principle of positioning selection, it does not affect or damage the cells surrounding the fat.
The basic principle of this technology is to cool and freeze the fatty acids in the subcutaneous tissue. Because of the temperature-sensitive gap between the fat cells and the surrounding vascular cells, the nerve cells and the skin tissue cells, there is no sensitivity to fat cells. Therefore, the freezing technique selects to cool the fat layer in the temperature range of -15 degrees, -10 degrees, and -5 degrees. Fat cells are frozen and died under low temperature for a long time, and are eventually swallowed up by the body's own phagocytic cells. Finally, the effect of losing weight is achieved.
Its working principle is that the probe of the freezing instrument has a vacuum adsorption function, and the local fat is sucked into the inside of the freezing probe, and then the temperature sensor selectively freezes the fat layer.

Which parts of the body can it treat?

Since the frozen weight-loss instrument room uses low temperature to remove fat, it is generally necessary to compare the parts of the body fat layer, such as the thigh, stomach, buttocks, and waist position. So this is a device with targeted weight loss, the effect is more accurate and efficient. These parts are just the body parts that are most likely to manifest obesity in the human body.

Treatment process:

1. Before doing treatment, you need to conduct a preliminary physical examination of the client, ask the client if there is any disease, whether there is gout, rheumatism, and whether surgery has been done.
2. Let customers change into treatment clothing, in order to make it easier to operate and soil customer clothes.
3. Apply a frosting cream to the area in need of treatment, and then place it on the treatment site with a thin layer of professional one-stage use.
4. Adjust the treatment time, power, and temperature of the instrument (do not adjust the temperature too low at the beginning, let the skin have a process of slowly adapting, so that the treatment will not be uncomfortable), and the probe adsorption pressure .
5. Place the probe on the treatment site, then vacuum the pressure to draw the local fat into the probe for hypothermia.
6. Apply anti-freeze cream to the treatment site after the treatment is completed.

Time and effect of treatment:

1. The treatment cycle is not fixed, and it is necessary to make a reasonable treatment cycle according to the degree of obesity of each person, and it is also necessary to be based on each person's physical condition. General treatment is best 2 to 3 times a week.
2. The therapeutic effect will be obvious after 2 to 3 months, because after the fat cells die, it is recognized by the body's natural metabolic system and then swallowed by the phagocytic cells. After the fat cells are continuously cooled and frozen, the fat cells will gradually decrease, and eventually the body will obviously lose weight.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

Fat Free Weight Loss Technology is a non-invasive frozen weight loss method for the elimination of fat cells by means of a freeze-free device. This weight loss process does not require any medication and does not require surgery. Just because it is a freezing technique, there will be a little uncomfortable feeling during the treatment, but as the body adapts slowly, this uncomfortable phenomenon will slowly disappear. In addition, after the treatment is over, the treatment site will be red and swollen, and some people will have allergies, but this is a normal reaction of the body and will soon disappear.

What are the advantages of this weight loss method:

1. No need for surgery, no need to take medicine, save time, and the effect is obvious.
2. Easy to operate, highly targeted
3. No harm to the body, no major side effects, safe and reliable.
4. No external force is needed to achieve weight loss.
5. After the end of treatment, it will not affect the normal working life.

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