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Facial Hair Removal: Stop Hair From Growing Naturally

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Facial hair removal techniques that are available now are indeed diverse, and vary with regard to permanency, ease of implementation and cost. Each is geared to meet the needs of different individuals at different times, each of whom may opt to use one or more of these methods over the course of their lives.

Why Do We Have Facial Hair Growth?

Excess Androgens

Although androgens are often referred to as androgens, they are produced by both male and female bodies. These hormones can irritate women into puberty and stimulate hair growth. When women have too many androgens, they may develop hirsutism.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Often abbreviated as PCOS, a common hormonal disorder affecting the reproductive age of women. The effects of polycystic ovary syndrome include prolonged menstruation or excessive androgen. In some cases (as mentioned above), these hormones can cause excessive hair growth, especially facial hair.

Cushing Syndrome

Cushing's syndrome occurs when the body releases too much cortisol for a long time. Cushing's syndrome can lead to high blood pressure and osteoporosis. A common side effect for women is the growth of body hair.

How To Stop Hair From Growing

First, use a prescription for a drug to block certain hormones. Ask you doctor for a drug that suppresses androgens, which are primarily responsible for excess hair growth. Drugs such as spironolactone and oral contraceptives can help block androgen production and slow down facial hair growth.

Second, follow a diet that keeps your weight under control, because being overweight may increase hair growth, eat a well-balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Third, use laser hair removal machine. Laser hair removal is the use of high frequency laser to align the pigment of each hair. The laser goes down the hair, reaches the roots and enters the hair follicle. The use of modern laser technology not only achieves permanent hair removal or delays hair regeneration time but also avoids and reduces the disadvantages of traditional hair removal techniques.

Now we also know that it is best to choose laser hair removal for hair removal. How to remove hair we have said above, so what are the pros and cons of hair removal?

The Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

Accurate: The laser selectively targets dark shavings while keeping the surrounding skin intact.
Speed: Each pulse of the laser takes only a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs simultaneously. The laser can process approximately one-quarter of the area per second. Small areas
such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas such as the back or legs can take up to an hour.
Predictability: Most patients have permanent alopecia after an average of three to seven sessions.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

- Redness And Irritation
Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles of the target hair. The body responded to this, and many people experienced redness and irritation in the affected areas. The skin may be stinging or feeling soft and may even swell slightly.
After the initial reaction, the stimulation should usually be moderated within a few hours of treatment. Swelling and redness may respond well to ice packs or cool baths.

- Crusting
Some people may experience skin scarring in the affected area. This is usually a minor issue, but it may be inconvenient.
Scarring can sometimes lead to scarring or scarring. By taking care of the treated area after laser removal, for example by using a humectant, one can prevent any persistent problems with the treatment.

- Changes In Skin Color
Some people may notice a small change in the color of the skin treatment area. After laser hair removal, it may become darker or lighter.
People with shallower skin may be more prone to pigmentation changes. People with darker skin may be more prone to lighter pigmentation changes. Over time, these changes tend to disappear and the skin returns to normal.

Best Hair Removal Machines Recommend

Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal High Frequency Facial At Home


This hair removal machine is efficient, fast, saves time and effort, and is easy to operate. It has no side effects. Although it is small and light, it can also achieve permanent hair removal.

800W E-light IPL+ Radio Frequency RF Hair Removal Machine


This hair removal machine uses professional 3 MHz RF facial anti-aging technology with filters of different wavelengths to make the operation more targeted and accurate. Because it is modular assembly, it is very stable. Moreover, the application of a fully intelligent detection system can prevent equipment damage caused by emergency treatment. The most important thing is its clever line design, manual mechanical consistency. Its operating handle, make the system high-tech, stylish.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?


Hair removal from damaged hair follicles is permanent. However, a person undergoing a hair removal surgery can expect some hair in the target area to grow again. Over time, it is possible to treat the area again to reduce the amount of hair regeneration.
In some cases, it may even be possible to unplug all the hair. Whether the hair will grow back depends on many factors, including the type of hair that is regenerated and the skill of the hair removal. Most people find that when hair re-grows, it is lighter and less obvious than before. This is because even if the laser does not destroy the hair follicle, it may damage the hair follicle.
If the hair follicle is damaged but not damaged, the hair will eventually regenerate.
It is very difficult to destroy every hair follicle, so most people will see some hair regeneration. When the hair grows again, it is possible to treat it again, so a person who wants to remove all the hair may need several treatments.

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