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Eye Mask Patch Puffiness Wrinkle Removal Device

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Modern women are busy with work, stressful life, working on computers every day, and working in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, the skin will inevitably have problems such as lack of water, dark circles, eye bags, etc. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to appear premature aging like peeling, dull, and even wrinkles. So how do we prevent or improve these skin problems that are about to appear or have already appeared?


First of all, it is essential to do daily skin care steps. In addition, is there any auxiliary machine that can help us better relieve fatigue and improve skin problems? The answer is: of course. Next, I will introduce you to a new Eye Mask Patch Puffiness Wrinkle Removal Device.


From the picture, this machine seems to be aimed at relieving eye fatigue, but in fact its effect does not stop there, this product can be used on our entire face. It can remove wrinkles, improve dryness and lack of water, and soothe facial muscles. Let me make a detailed introduction one by one.

Why Recommend Eye Mask Patch Puffiness Wrinkle Removal Device

1. RF Radio Frequency Facial Care
For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation
Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature of Dr. Arrivo that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin. It's good for wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation.


2. LED Photon
This product is equipped with LED red and blue light. The red and blue light dynamic therapy device uses a narrow-spectrum LED light source to emit a kind of cold light. It does not produce high heat and will not burn the skin. It can repair aging skin, acne skin, scalp skin and wrinkle skin. Allergic symptoms, sunburn and burnt skin can bring unexpected effects without causing any harm or discomfort to the skin.

The high-purity blue light (BLUE) at 470nm matches the peak of light absorption of the porphyrin of the Propionibacterium acnes metabolite, which produces a highly oxidizing environment for acne, which causes bacterial death from the surface and removes acne on the skin.

635nm red light (RED) has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density. It is effective in skin care and health care, and is called bioactive light. Red light can increase the activity of cells, promote the metabolism of cells, and cause the skin to secrete collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself. Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin chlorosis and dullness, and achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation and repair effects. It has the effect that traditional skin care can't achieve. It can effectively make up and activate the skin when used.


Why Do We Need Such Eye Mask Patch Puffiness Wrinkle Removal Device?

Sometimes we work or study at midnight, often feel the face is tight and lack of water, especially the eye will feel extremely tired, use the mili cosmetic instrument, which can give us a massage helping to remove dryness and under-eye circle. Sometimes, when we are chatting with friends or watching some funny, panic-like TV episodes, it’s inevitable that the expression will laugh or cry, cry out loud or laugh louder, cry a lot for our idols, the cosmetic instrument, which can keep us young by reducing swelling and healthy, sweet beauty. The portable cosmetic instrument can also keep us young by reducing swelling and healthy, sweet beauty.


Benefits of Eye Mask Patch Puffiness Wrinkle Removal Device

Just now we briefly introduced the technology used in this product. However, there are many machines with these technologies, why should we recommend this? First of all, this product is very light, the whole product is only 135g, whether it is at home or on a business trip, it is the best choice.

Second, as the article begins with, the work of the modern office workers is busy and worthy of skin care, and this product skillfully solves this problem. The old style eye-shade instrument shelter our sight to cause us no time to work or play, press our eyes and your face, not feeling good. While using the mili Rf eye-patch instrument under our eyes, we can work or study at the same time, which can exactly balance the work and skin care. What’s more, we can also use it when sleeping to enjoy a bedtime massage. These two eye-patches tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes through electrical energy, we can also play temperature adjustment from 40 degree to 50 degree, relieve fatigue with our micro-current massage to .


How To Use It Correctly?

1. Clean our face. Clean our face with clean products to keep our skin in a more relaxed state.
2. Toner and essence. Choose the skin lotion and essence suitable for your skin according to different skin types, and provide enough moisture to clean the skin after skin cleansing to prevent the skin from being tight and dry.
3. Installation. Install the eye patch according to the instructions.
4. Setting mode and level. Choose a mode you need, there are 3 modes, RF, massage, red/blue LED. And choose a suitable level for ourselves, Different people have different feelings about the thermal sensation of RF and the intensity of current, so we can only suggest to adjust from low energy to the level of energy that suits you.


Application Area

1. Jaw, it can help to lift lower jaw.
2. Facial muscles, it can help to lift loose muscles to create a good shape.
3. Eyes, it can help to tighten our eye skin.
4. Forehead, it can help to smooth forehead.
5. Neck, it can help to smooth neck to make lymphatic detox.

How Often To Use This RF Eye Patches?

In general, each time we use this product, the best treatment time is 15 minutes, three to four times a week. After three weeks, we can feel the skin is more delicate, and for the office workers who work long hours and nights will find that the dark circles and bags under the eyes will fade a lot. If the modified product is used together with the mask, it can be achieve better effect, promoting the absorption of the essence in the mask to achieve a deeper hydration effect.


Above are many advantages and features about the NM-SN6SP. However, only by personal experience will you really understand the advantages of this product, so please hurry and try it!

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