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Everything You Need To Know About Microcurrent Facials

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Painless, obvious and quick effect, easy to operate and small side effects, all of them are the keywords for a microcurrent facial. And are they true or just exaggerated for advertising? If you know quite more about it, then you could judge it by yourself. So here are everything you need to know about microcurrent facials, hope could give you a favor or just as a reference.


What is A Microcurrent Facial?

Microcurrent facial is a kind of treatment that utilizes the low microcurrent, which simulated closely bioelectric current, to reach and act the facial layer and the muscle layer with specific frequency and waveform, inducing muscle layer aging cells to enter depolarization, then could rearrange the cell electric filed to restore its activity and function. It won’t caused uncomfortable or pain. And it is also called a toning treatment, or just a natural facelift.

How Do They Work?

After adjusting the parameters of the microcurrent bio face lifting machine, the beautician will move on your face with a two-handed handheld micro-current handle, most of which is a pull-up action. You may experience a slight tingling sensation during treatment, but this does not affect the overall treatment and may help you relax your facial muscles. The duration of treatment for microcurrents is typically 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It can also be combined with other facial cleansing, moisturizing, facial massage, etc., the effect will be better.


What Are The Benefits of A Microcurrent Facial?

The use and treatment of micro-current can quickly see the effect. Generally, after treatment, you can see more obvious effects. Your wrinkles will be faded, the skin will become tight and energetic, and your eyes will be more attractive. The outline of the chin will be more obvious, and the overall look will be even younger. However, this effect will be short-lived and will disappear in about a week or two. So if you stick to it, there will be unexpected effects.
- Supplementing human bioelectric energy
- Activated cell
- Restore cell elasticity
- Improve blood circulation
- Promote muscle movement
- Lighten fine lines
- Facial skin lifting and firming
- Fast and obvious

What Others Have To Say?

Here are some tips that you need to pay more attention before you have a microcurrent facials.
1.Taboo population: pregnant women, those in the physiological period, lactating women, metal allergies, skin diseases, people with paralysis or sensory impairment, and patients with bone diseases.
2.Contraindications: wound sites, eczema/acne/suppurative disease sites, dermatitis, excessive sun exposure, fresh hair removal, plastic surgery, implanted in metal/plastic/silica gel.
3.Micro-current with gel or toner or essence for better results.
4.The cotton ball inside the massage stick must be filled with a sufficient amount of media.
5.The method of operation can be referred to the video on YouTube, or it is possible to use your usual skin care method.
6.After shutting down, you need to remove the cotton ball from the massage stick in time and connect the massage stick to the soft wire.
7.During operation, the container holding the media (such as the glass bowl) should be kept at a certain distance from the instrument to prevent the media from being accidentally spilled on the instrument.
8.Wipe the instrument often with a soft, dry cloth and place the instrument in a dry, dry environment.

Best Microcurrent Facial Machine


Galvanic Microcurrent Facial Machine

Galvanic microcurrent facial machine is a light simple device with two different modes to choose. Use it could deliver the dead cell and dust out of the skin, bring the beneficial ingredients into the skin. It has negative ion tophoresis and positive ion modes, and its additional feature is 2 detachable heads for treating more or less flat surface or curves.


Photon Colors Light and Microcurrent Face Massager

It is portable and rechargeable massager with 7 colors photon light and microcurrent facial treatment. Its microcurrent mode could help for skin lifting, skin rejuvenation and face beauty. Its different led lights has various function to deal with varied skin problems. It could used with gel or other moisturizing mask.


BIO Microcurrent Face Lift machine

It is portable to carry and to use with its unique design to touch the facial skin totally. And this BIO microcurrent face lift machine has about 4 degrees to choose that one suitable for you. And its operation is simple and convenient, what’s more you could used it to improve your skin conditions.

Do you think about your own microcurrent device? Hope you know how to choose the one suitable for yourself after looking through this article. If you have something different or confused, please leave a message below to let me know. All above information and recommendations, wish they could be a reference for you.

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