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Everything You Need to Know About a Body Lift

  • Author: Daisy HeDate:11-24-2020

What is a body lift?


If you have lost a lot of weight, weight lifting can help you become slimmer and brighter. Body Lift combines a variety of different procedures to remove excess skin left after losing weight, so you can fully enjoy the results of your hard work.
Lower body lifting usually involves lifting the hips, lifting the thighs, abdomen or panniculectomy.

The lifting of the upper body varies, depending on what you need, but usually includes lifting the arm and removing excess skin from the back and chest, as well as lifting the breasts of the woman.

Whole body lifting combines the upper and lower body ascending surgeries, usually at intervals of a few months, allowing you to heal during this period.
Also known as mention, lift, 360 mention

Is a body lift right for me?

Many patients who have experienced a sharp drop in weight want to undergo a lift-up procedure to enjoy a smoother, slimmer figure. However, lifting surgery is a complicated process, so you must meet certain criteria to qualify. If you:
1. It has lost 30% to 50% of your peak weight.
2. Suffering from skin, fat, and sagging tissue around the abdomen (although if most of it is fat, you may need to lose more weight before lifting your body).
3. There is a steady weight because fluctuations can interfere with the outcome of this process. Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting for surgery for about two years after achieving a weight loss goal, which gives your skin time to adjust and helps ensure that you don't lose weight after surgery.
4. Good health, general anesthesia, and good recovery after surgery.
5. Do not plan to become pregnant after surgery, since this could reverse the outcomes of your body lift.
6. Committed to maintaining good nutrition and exercise so you can get well and continue to enjoy the benefits of surgery. It is especially important to eat protein-rich foods to promote recovery before and after surgery.
7. Do not over-smoking or drink alcohol.
8. There are realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Although your surgeon will make them as subtle as possible, your wounds are likely to leave scars, and as you get older, your skin may begin to sag again.
9. Both have good mental and mental health because plastic surgery is a long and emotional process for some patients.
10. If you lose weight due to weight loss surgery, your plastic surgeon will need your expert's approval to perform the surgery. He or she may also work with your general practitioner and dietitian to maintain your health and safety throughout the process.

How Much Will The Body Lift Therapy Will Cost You?

A physical boost costs an average of about $5,000. Surgery costs range from $850 to $20,000 and are usually not covered by insurance.
The price depends on your location, your surgeon's experience, and the number of procedures included in your treatment plan. If you spend the night in the hospital instead of going to the clinic, the cost will be higher.

How Long Does The Body Lift Therapy Machine Treatment Last?

The production of new collagen takes time, so the results can become more pronounced after two to three months or even six months. This process takes about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the area of treatment, and there will be no downtime.


What Is The Side Effect Of Body Lift Therapy Machine?

There may be a slight redness that usually disappears within a few hours of treatment. Some patients may have mild swelling, tingling or tenderness, but these properties are mild and temporary.

What Are The Body Lift Therapy Machine Reviews?

1. Mary He: I was totally skeptical of this contraption but willing to run the risk of potentially getting electrocuted in the name of 'beauty'. So, while I may not be any more of a 'beauty' lol; I am pushing 50 and I honestly think it's toned my skin. I was feeling 'jowly' and I can honestly say that I'm not feeling that way as much. So I'm attaching a picture so you can see as well. And I should say that I ALSO did body lift therapy about 5 months ago--so that should be having some tightening effect too; but I have started doing this weekly and I really see a difference, and I do think it's related to this machine & only partially the body lift therapy. Sorry--just tried to attach pictures, but can't seem to pull them from photobooth? Anyway; I'll see if I can do this when I have more time--

AND, I'm not afraid to 'amend' my review if I find differently, so I promise I'll update if it seems it's truly just a body lift therapy improvement!


2. Westness: So far the machine works nicely. The larger headpiece works on the neck and face and the small headpiece works under the eyes. Research says it takes 5 weeks for the body to reproduce collagen so I hope to see results in that time frame.
After about two months and using setting 4, I definitely see a difference. Pores are so small some not even visible and skin feels super tight! Starting to use on my neck, can't wait to see how it looks in 2 months. Recommend to use twice a week for about 10 minutes on entire face.

I'm back after about 2 months. Yes, my face is definitely tighter the next day when I use this product. My wrinkles on my forehead and crows feet are slowly disappearing. I highly recommend!

Top 3 Body Lift Therapy Devices for Home Use

1. MS-32J3


2. MS-22Y2




If you have any questions about the machine or if you are interested in our machine, please leave a message!! I will do my best to help you!

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