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Does Vacuum RF Slimming Machine Work?

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With the development of the economy, there are more and more people caring more about how they look or their appearance. Even a little boy know how to make their look more attractive. For me, I have searched a lot of information about skin care product. Of course, I bought lots of skin care product to make my skin better. But when I knew the RF and Vacuum technology, I realize that beauty machine can make me better which means skin care product is just maintaining me but beauty machine can refresh me.

So What Is RF Machine ?


RF means Radio Frequency. It is a technology which can focus on a particular part of your body. The RF energy will make heat on your dermis by biological resistance so that the fat or cellulite in your body will be “exploded” to help make your skin appear firmer and smoother.. It is designed as a channel to remove your fat in your particular part of body. Moreover, It is a painless treatment which you won’t feel any unpleasant during the treatment. And I can 100% sure to tell you this treatment is safe and is without invasive which means that no downtime is required..

Usually we will use a so called RF probe or handle to move on the skin. Of course we can divided the size of probe in to 3 types: large, medium and small. For the large size, it can be used on thigh, belly or other larger contact area of your body. For the medium size one, you can use on your arms. For the small size one, you can use it on your cheek.

What’s more, it will take about 20-30 minutes to finish the treatment. Nevertheless, some people will fell a little bit hot with the probe. It depends on what kind of skin you are. Because the felling from the treatment is varying from people to people. So you can lower the level a little bit.

How About RF Vacuum Machine?


So we have known a bit about RF machine. However, with the increasing growth of technology, only apply with the RF machine is not enough for most of the people. I don’t mean RF machine is ineffective. But we need to find out an more effective way to refresh ourselves which is cost effective and with multifunction. Therefore, vacuum RF machine was created.

Vacuum machine helps direct RF energy deeper into the skin, reduce the bump, and enhance blood circulation. It also burns the fat and removes the cellulite and stretch marks all while cleaning out the skin. In the end, fine lines, wrinkles and eye bag are considerably alleviated in the treatment part. The skin is lifted, tightened, and tender, removing sagging skin and scar tissue. In return, you will be endowed with refresh and brand new skin.

RF+Vacuum Machine for Face

Suction allows the fats to move within the body, promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
RF converts electric energy into heat energy to penetrate deep into the skin to accelerate the blood circulation and subcutaneous tissue to stimulate collagen, proteins and cell renewal, to tighten wrinkles and other effects.
Combining these technologies can stretch the facial muscles and lift the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin.’


RF+Vacuum Machine for Body

Suction stimulates tissue under the skin, accelerates blood circulation and activates subcutaneous fat, improves lymphatic circulation, accelerates the breakdown of fat burning into fatty acids, and promotes the excretion of toxins and excess water to make skin firmer and more elastic.

RF converts electric energy into heat energy to penetrate deep into the skin to accelerate the blood circulation and subcutaneous tissue to stimulate collagen, proteins and cell renewal, to tighten wrinkles and other effects.


Dose RF Vacuum Machine Really Work?

The theory of RF working is to create energy or heat to stimulate skin so as to stimulate the collagen. However, the power is not photon light or led light but electrical one. “to tighten the underlying skin structure and contour the face to create firm, toned and youthful looking skin[ ]” said by facial plastic surgeon Dr Maryam Zamani. What’s more, Skincare expert Paula Begoun confirmed that RF treatment can “smooth out stretch marks and tighten areas of loose skin”, What she said is that RF machine can make your skin like a egg after peeling the shell (a chinese proverb describes someone skin is extremely smooth and without any spot on it)

Dr Williams, an skin care expert, emphasize that the RF vacuum operation is good for belly or tummy and thighs. Nevertheless, Dr Zamani express that it also have high-efficiency on arms. And if you go with higher level, there should be with the function of cellulite reduction.

“Your skin temperature should be measured during the treatment to ensure that it’s high enough to bring about significant benefits without risking problems such as burns.” said by Dr Williams.

How Long Will It Take To “Refresh Myself”?

As the old saying goes, A watched pot never boils (maybe a proverb from China) . In our life, there is nothing magic or miracle. Even though it has, it takes time to do that. Let alone the beauty machine. Everyone can’t see any difference after one time treatment which is accord with what Dr Williams said ‘slow and steady’ treatment advice:

“All energy based bio-stimulative treatments naturally require a course of several sessions (from six to 12) and will induce benefits gradually over some months. Look at it like joining a skin gym - great results are rarely achieved in a single session.”
Moreover, according to my research, I recommend you do the treatment once weekly which is the best choice. At the same time, if you do that regularly and normally, you could probably see the result in one month.

So Who Can Use RF Vacuum Machine?

Theoretically, anyone can have this machine and make yourself better. And these people are tend to have this machine
- Office workers
- Mother after childbirth
- Skin care people
- People who are overweight and or obese
- Adolescents who are on puberty with acne
- People with freckles, pigmentation and blotchy
- People with big pores
- people don’t like sports

It is not recommended for these people:
- Gladys on menstrual period
- With high blood pressure and heart disease
- Pregnant woman
- With metal rack like heart pacemaker on the body, or with metal accessories
- Can be used on scar or sensitive parts
- Can not be used when you are sick

No matter you want to tighten skin, drain lymph or remove wrinkles. RF and vacuum machine will help you. Both of these treatments are widely accepted and used by celebrities and estheticians. And it is quick result and painless. Patients and cosmetologists are tend to use this synergy of both RF and vacuum treatment since it is time-saving and combining with the function of RF and vacuum. Therefore, you can have two results in one treatment with just one probe or handle.


How Much A Day Spa Cost While Buy One Machine?

According to my research, most day spas with robes, slippers, locker rooms, and waiting areas have RF+Vacuum treatments that start around $80 -$120. That is the normal one. For more professional treatment, a one-hour Swedish massage starts around $80 in small markets and runs to $130. Luxury "day resorts" or hotel spas will run higher, perhaps as much as $200. What’s more, A specialty massage like a hot stone is more expensive, around $125. It may also run a little longer. The problem is that you can buy a RF+vacuum machine in the cost of one day sap treatment. And if you want to but all the function of spa-have, the cost is like you spend the money on the spa for a month.

Moreover, most of the case, it will just cost 100 to 200 dollars to purchase a quality beauty machine which is for home use. Given this , who the hell want to do the treatment in the Spa or Salon. That is a lot of money! That’s why it is so profitable to have you own spa business. Even if you don’t want to have you spa business, you can buy a Rf vacuum machine which can use probably 2 or 3 years. That is a steal!

Which Equipment Is Best for You?

According to our strictly and carefully test and comparison, we absolutely have the best choice to you guys and we are gladly to share with you. Why you choose this product? Because if you have these best-choice machine, i am sure they would be time-saving, cost-saving and space-saving. Besides, if you are the buyer from beauty salon or spa, you can attract customers by these. So your investment worth a try.

1. 5 IN 1 RF Cavitation Ultrasound For Skin Rejuvenation and Weight Loss


Hand-pieces and accessories:
1.40 Khz Ultrasound Probe
2.Six-polar RF head for large parts like arms and belly
3.Three polar RF Probe for face and cheek
4.Bipolar RF probe for the round of eye and lip
5.Vacuum RF probe for body

1. Facial Lifting and tightening
2. Skin Rejuvenation
3. Weight Loss
4. Wrinkle Removal
5. enhancement of skin elasticity
6. Visual improvement of scars and stretch marks

1.It is extremely suitable for home-use and the one who has their own Spa and Salon. Because it is portable and easy to use which is cost-saving and space-saving.
2.It is user-friendly which is easy to use. No additionally complex process which start by single press.
3.Best seller in our company which most of the customers recognize the product.

2. 2019 RF Unoisetion Cavitation Skin Care Beauty Machine For Skin Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting


Handpieces and accessories:
1.Six-pole Radio Frequency Handle for Belly, Thigh etc.
2.40 khz Ultrasound Probe
3.Vacuum Sex-polar RF Handle
4.Two-polar Radio Frequency Probe for the round of eye and face
5.Four-pole RF Probe for Small area Like Face And Cheek

1. Skin tightening and body shaping
2. Improve skin and blood circulation
3. Pain Relief and muscular relaxation
4. Wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation

1.Compared with other technology of laser, the RF machine concentrate on the part you want to treat or apply effectively. Besides, it use lower energy and higher frequency so as to make sure the treatment to be safe and comfortable.
2.It uses high-tech which is complicated to control the differences of electricity and energy . It focus on the surface of the skin and the deeper part while it won’t make the skin with different color.
3.Purposefully focusing cellulite tissue and cell while avoiding effect other tissue and cell. So you will have the safe and fast treatment by using this.
4.You won’t feel any pain or uncomfortable. Surgery and anesthesia is not needed during the whole treatment.
5.There is no any side effect or weight loss. What’s more, the result is obvious and considerable and will not affect you work and life.

That is just a tip of the iceberg of beauty line. There are still more functions with RF and vacuum machine. If you want to know more about beauty machines or related technology like Cavitation or infrared and stuff, we would be glad to invite you to read our blogs which probably can help you learn more about beauty treatments or products.

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